Shocking Images That Will Make You Say ‘WTF’

There is nothing more confusing than coming across shocking images that make you scratch your head and say ‘WTF is happening?”

Shocking images serve as a way to measure your sanity. There is nothing more confusing than coming across these pictures that make you scratch your head and say ‘WTF is happening here?”

Viral Strange has collected 30 shocking images that will leave you confused.

1. Dryer filter after my friend did their clothes.


2. This is shocking…

3. After I finished changing, I saw a security camera watching the dressing room.


4. We rent a cabin in Alaska with a breathtaking view.

5. $5000 Canadian after someone disinfected it with a microwave.


6. Yummy Ice-Cream!

7. Doctors discovered 27 contact lenses in a woman’s eye.


8. I opened a can of peas.


9. Focus groups informed some ad firms that this move would sell jeans.


10. This was found on a Dumpster outside of work. I’m not sure what to think.

11. I was taking a shower before work today and looked down to get a bottle of shampoo when I noticed this!


12. I discovered a 12-year-old steak jammed in my mother’s freezer.

13. A tornado pulled a home from its foundation and tossed it onto the road in Thomaston, Georgia, overnight.


14. This clown mannequin was discovered half a mile underground in a drainage system, tethered like this to a grate.

15. Found in Downtown Fresno, California. Pennies were used to cover a Geo Metro. It possibly doubled the car’s value.


16. This was provided to me by my girlfriend from her doctor’s appointment.

17. Strange…


18. At work, a secret recording device is hidden beneath the break room table.

19. Studio apartment… No, thanks.


20. After three years of marriage, I’ve discovered now that my wife cuts around the sticker rather than peeling it off…

21. This is a Pennsylvania highway bridge.


22. I’m not sure what this is intended for or why it is on the playground.

23. After rowing in the cold for several hours, my finger went white.


24. On the highway, someone fired my car.

25. Bubbles of effort


26. I’m not even sure what I’m looking at.

27. What exactly is he thinking?


28. Something you’d rather not see through the window.

29. How this lightning hit…


30. Meanwhile, back in Milwaukee…

Which image is more shocking? Have you encountered any other strange occurrences? Tell us more in the comments below!

Written by DADADEL

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