The World’s Hairiest Girl Is Grown Up And Happily Married

Discover the journey of the world’s hairiest girl, now happily married and stylish. A remarkable transformation!

The world’s hairiest girl, once labeled “wolf girl” and “monkey face” by her peers, always believed her condition wouldn’t hinder her pursuit of happiness. Eventually, she found the love of her life, a journey that profoundly transformed her.

Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan, once the world’s hairiest girl, endured ridicule and fear from classmates due to her unique appearance.

The World's Hairiest Girl
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On August 5, 1999, an important event occurred in Supatra’s family. Typically, the birth of a new baby brings joy and excitement to parents, and Supatra’s mom and dad, Sompon and Samrerng, were no exception in their anticipation of her arrival.

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However, their joy was swiftly overshadowed by surprise, fear, and disbelief when the doctor revealed that their newborn had an extraordinary amount of hair. Initially, they thought it might be a common occurrence, but their shock grew when they saw Supatra in the incubator. Her entire body was covered in hair, a sight so unusual that even the medical professionals in Thailand had never encountered such a condition.

The World's Hairiest Girl
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Subsequently, doctors diagnosed Natty with an exceptionally rare skin disorder known as Ambras syndrome. This condition is so extraordinary that only a few cases resembling hers have been documented worldwide throughout history.

Ambras syndrome results in excessive body hair growth, sparing only the palms, soles, and mouth, likely due to a sudden DNA mutation.

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Upon Natty’s birth, as her mother prepared to leave the hospital, the doctors expressed concern about her ability to care for her unique child. Sompon, however, assured them that she would never abandon her child, firmly stating, “We are lucky that she was born into our family.”

Natty experienced a nurturing upbringing within her family, yet not everyone outside the family understood her condition. She had to confront unkindness from strangers and peers due to her unique situation.

The World's Hairiest Girl
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As Natty continued to mature, her facial features remained concealed by a dense growth of hair, a consequence of her incurable Ambras syndrome. Conventional approaches, such as laser hair removal, proved ineffective in managing her excessive hair growth. During her school years, she endured mockery and taunts due to her distinctive appearance, enduring hurtful nicknames like “wolf girl” and “monkey face.”

In contrast to her peers’ perspective, Natty struggled to comprehend the reasons behind their teasing. She viewed herself as an ordinary girl with slightly more hair and would assert, “It’s just who I am.”

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Natty’s teacher, Kuljira Posaeng, disclosed that Natty’s initial school days were challenging due to other kids being frightened by her appearance. Nevertheless, as time passed, Natty demonstrated her similarity to any other student. Teachers recognized her hard work and exceptional grades, and she eventually evolved into one of the most well-liked students in school.

Her teachers described her as an energetic girl with a passion for singing, dancing, and acting. Her parents treated her with the same care and importance as any other child, never allowing her appearance to affect their love and support. They proudly took her everywhere, without any embarrassment about her unique appearance among other children.

Subsequently, the world’s hairiest girl discovered her true love.

The World's Hairiest Girl
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Natty has embraced her condition, recognizing that there is no cure for it. She chose to maintain her body hair as it naturally grew from birth, except for shaving her face during her teenage years. As she matured, her self-esteem and self-image gained significance, and she also found love.

She revealed, “It began from friendship, then we became a couple. It was a kind of love that I didn’t expect would happen to me.” Their conversations brought her joy, and being together felt effortless, with a love she never imagined would come her way.

She eventually tied the knot with her boyfriend, affectionately referring to him as “the love of my life.”

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She shared photos with her partner, showcasing her hairless face. While some speculated a miraculous cure, her father clarified that she had chosen to shave, revealing her transformed appearance. Now, her eyes, lips, and cheeks are exposed, with only her forehead concealed by her hair.

Natty, having found love and happiness, remains resolute in her mission to live a positive life and make a meaningful contribution to society. She firmly believes in the beauty and uniqueness of every individual and aims to inspire others to embrace their individuality and let their inner beauty shine.

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