Treatment of Obesity Like a Normal Thing

The importance of Body Positivity

As a society, we are used to living in a prejudiced world, where 90% of women for being appreciated and beautiful must be skinny and have beautiful shapes. Even on social media, girls try to photoshop their bodies for having beautiful shapes and try to hide their flaws. On this point, the impact of social media in our society is very detrimental.

Girls look at other girls’ pictures and try to copy-paste them, taking for example something that is not real.

We all know that nobody is perfect, and we have to try not to hide our flaws, but to take care of them. For that reason, today’s society is speaking loudly about Body Positivity.

Girl’s beautiful shapes and sizes

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Body Positivity is the idea that people should accept and respect their body shapes and sizes, and they must be happy and proud of themselves.

Even though, body positivity definition is also very misinterpreted, because everyone tries to interpret it differently.

Promotion of Body Positivity

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Stacy Berman, a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, says that it is very important to speak about body positivity, to not give so much importance to body “negativity”.
Body negativity is exactly what we do not want for our society.

This can lead to anxiety, depression, physical and mental illness, bulimia, anorexia, health issues. So it is very significant to do the right choice and love yourselves.

Body positivity and acceptance

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This movement tries to normalize different bodies features and flaws, that are unfavorable for society.

Scar Positivity

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Body positivity does not speak only for body shape, but for every other feature of people’s bodies. For example, different scars like a post-operation scar or cesarean scar or even acne and other signs.

Written by Sara Cyrbja

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    • Agree 100%- any woman or man that honestly feels being overweight is acceptable and should be to society is only fooling themselves. To live to eat is what society has made the norm, eat to live long and healthy should be the key to positivity. .

    • Did you read the article? Your fat phobia is showing.

      It has nothing to do with them being healthy or unhealthy. It means they are asking to be treated without prejudice or discrimination.

      It also did not focus on just “fat” people but scars, acne and other physical components.

      • This is precisely why body positivity in every form is so important. The discrimination these people feel they can just dish out so freely has detrimental effects. The belief that every fat person just eats and is lazy is preposterous. They just want to be accepted without having to hide, to not be mocked when they go to the gym or wear a bathing suit. It’s still shocking to me that anyone can have an opinion about someone else’s body! It’s just to be cruel and judgmental, period. So once people learn that, perhaps it will be easier for people of every body type to heal.