Trump has become the first President to launch a sneaker line

Former President Donald Trump launched a line of sneakers, including gold high-tops titled “NEVER SURRENDER,” just a day after being fined $355 million in a civil fraud case, offering them alongside other models and fragrances on a new website.

In a remarkable juxtaposition of events, former President Donald Trump seized the spotlight just one day after facing a substantial $355 million fine in a civil fraud case in New York by introducing his own line of sneakers at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

Branded as “Trump Sneakers,” the collection made its debut with a standout pair of gold high-top sneakers labeled “NEVER SURRENDER HIGH-TOP SNEAKER,” priced at $399 and prominently featured on a newly launched website.


Complementing this flagship offering, the website also showcases two additional sneaker models adorned with the iconic letters “T” and “45,” each priced at $199.

Moreover, the platform expands beyond footwear to include fragrances, with cologne and perfume options available at $99 each.

This strategic move not only diversifies Trump’s business ventures but also underscores his resilience and determination in the face of legal and political challenges, offering consumers a distinctive fusion of fashion and ideology.

Written by Telha

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