What’s the Small Hole in a Padlock For?

Discover the purpose of the small hole at the bottom of a padlock. Learn its function and how it enhances its durability and performance.

A padlock is a common item with a crucial purpose. People use them for bikes, outdoor sheds, toolboxes, and gates. Designed to withstand the elements and damage attempts, they feature a small hole on the bottom that serves an important function.

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Using a padlock is a reliable way to keep your belongings safe. These small but impactful metal tools are prone to rust from water and extreme weather. Thankfully, they have a tiny hole at the bottom that lets water escape, preventing rust and extending the padlock’s life.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

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While the tiny hole in padlocks was once revolutionary, weatherproof padlocks are now available. These ensure your belongings stay safe in any weather all year round.

Another Reason for Its Design

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Besides preventing rust, the small hole at the bottom of a padlock has another key function. If this tool becomes stuck or won’t open with a key or code, the hole can be lubricated to help it pop open.

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