Woman with blocked nose finds 100 maggots living in her nostrils

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, a woman found herself in a distressing situation when she sought medical attention due to a persistent stuffy nose and facial pain.

What the doctors discovered was both shocking and alarming: hundreds of maggots wriggling inside her nostrils. The woman had initially attributed her discomfort to the abundance of dust in the air, but it turned out to be a far more serious issue.

Medical professionals swiftly intervened to remove the live maggots from her nasal passages.


They explained that had the infestation gone unchecked, the maggots could have migrated to adjacent organs such as her eyes or even her brain, potentially causing severe infections, disability, or worse, death.

This incident highlights the potential health risks faced by individuals living in northern Thailand, particularly in regions like Chiang Mai.


Reports suggest that residents in these areas are more prone to respiratory ailments, including allergies and rhinitis, which may make them susceptible to such unusual occurrences.

Written by Telha

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