‘World’s Hottest Cop’ Banned from Dating App

Meet the ‘World’s Hottest Cop’ banned from a dating app for being too perfect. Discover the story behind the ban!

The ‘World’s Hottest Cop’ signed up for a popular dating app. Yet, after being accused of being “too perfect to be true” and banned, she disclosed the absurd truth behind the decision.

‘World’s Hottest Cop’
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Adrienne Koleszar, formerly a German police officer, gained online prominence in 2016 through Instagram posts. Her followers playfully urged the Teutonic officer to arrest them, sparking her rise to fame.

Dubbed the “world’s hottest cop” by various media, Koleszar announced her split from her partner of a decade on social media. Subsequently, she ventured into the realm of dating apps, encountering unexpected challenges in the process.

Koleszar found herself perplexed by the dating app’s actions. “I was just browsing and swiping through pictures,” she explained. “don’t understand why my account got blocked.” The app’s reason? They deemed her “too perfect to be true,” according to the police officer turned Instagram model.

Twice rejected by the online dating service, Koleszar was accused of falsifying her profile. The community guidelines warned against creating fake accounts or assuming false identities, even for amusement. Seeking help, Koleszar turned to her social media followers, asking if anyone had connections at Tinder and could offer a solution.

The German beauty, disheartened by the outcome, finds solace in her singlehood, viewing it as a positive sign from the universe. Alongside her romantic setbacks, her Instagram fame also impacted her career. Her superiors presented her with a choice: cease social media activity or depart from the police force.

Police departments often caution officers against maintaining social media profiles due to safety concerns. Officers risk exposure to individuals who may pose threats to them and their families. Opting to prioritize her online presence, Koleszar decided to part ways with law enforcement and pursue a career as a full-time social media influencer. Reflecting on her decision, she asserts, “I have never regretted leaving the police force. I’m not the desk job type.”

Koleszar disclosed that life as an influencer doesn’t match the facade. She attributed her decade-long relationship’s demise to her online image. Addressing her estranged partner, she expressed, “You were in the public eye, in a world you never wanted. But I wanted it. Absolutely. At any price.”

The German model contends that many influencers project a misleading image, which frustrates her. “I let myself be blinded by it too,” she said. “It doesn’t just need the display of luxury goods. You can never be happier with more money.” Despite her sacrifices for online fame, she’s contemplated returning to a conventional life. “Sometimes I’d like to give up, get a regular job, and work somewhere…in some coffee shop, probably in Bali,” she mused.

Adrienne Koleszar, having opted to depart from her policing career, shared on YouTube her six-month journey around the globe, reminiscent of “Eat, Pray, Love.” During this time, she contemplated a serious pursuit of modeling or a return to law enforcement.

Even if her modeling and influencer endeavors diminish, Koleszar remains unfazed about resuming her law enforcement career. She confidently asserts, “I have no fear about returning to my duty, being on patrol, and working my shifts.” Despite earning $3,000 monthly as a police officer, she believes her Instagram presence won’t impede her work.

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