10 “Beauty Standards” Women Must Ditch

I have already mentioned several times in our articles that beauty standards do not exist. They just don’t. As far as there will exist relativity, nothing is absolute. I’m okay with women who like to improve their lifestyle, their looks, etc. What I’m not okay with, are the imposed standards a woman may take into consideration. Beauty trends change every day. This doesn’t mean that YOUR beauty fades. This doesn’t mean you will be less attractive, or less successful. We as women should ditch once and forever all these imposed “trendy” beauty standards. We are enough, and we are beautiful as we are, and as we want to be.

1. Symmetric facial features

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Many cosmetologists promote face-building classes for women to achieve symmetric facial features. Even though it’s a natural feature, women tend to perfect their faces.

Almost all faces are a bit asymmetrical. Our eyes are so used to this that they adjust without conscious thought. The odds are that no one has noticed, and they wouldn’t care if they did. © Mary Krupka / Quora
If you are conversing closely with someone, they may notice asymmetry and not care because they are talking to a person, not examining a painting. © Donald Bodey / Quora

2. Wishing to slow down the aging

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The thought of the aging process terrifies some women. Grey hair and mimic wrinkles are some of the biological clock perks that come with our life.
The aging process depends on environmental and other factors as well. However, it happens differently in each woman, and it is beautiful.

3. Tight belly

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That toned, flat stomach is something many women want, torturing themselves in one way or another with diets or intensive work-outs. However, doctors say that a bit of fat in that belly area shows good body functioning. So ladies, don’t worry! You’re healthy AND beautiful.

4. Ideal shapes

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Many girls complain of not having that “hourglass” body shape. On the other hand, stylists say that if “curated correctly”, your body type can look in its best form. For example, women with wide hips can compensate the other part of the body by enhancing their backs and shoulders with a proper top.

5. Plump lips

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Getting lip injections has become a trend now. Plumped lips look more youthful. However, the hyaluronic acid in the filler dissolves with time. And that makes women repeat the procedure. Doctors say that frequent lip fillers can increase the risk of harming them because the skin tissue will stretch more than it should to “keep” the injected filler.

6. Even skin complexion

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A clean, even skin is a dream for everyone: the reason why selling makeup and concealers has become a multimillion dollars industry. On the other hand, cosmetologists promote peeling treatment, which helps hide imperfections. Sometimes, however, no treatment can change the features coming from your genetic code or hormonal background.

7. Thick brows

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Microblading? Brow lamination? These are the latest trends for getting those full, thick brows. Some women love them, and some others don’t even like the idea of it.
I never even care about it and I think shaping the eyebrows is just a waste of time. Girls think that it will make them more attractive but, in reality, they become less attractive. © Mohamd Selowe / Quora
The eyebrows you were born with are the ones that are suitable for your face and you should never attempt to change the shape, just clean up the strays. © Despoina Tziouma / Quora

8. Wrinkle-free face

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Welcome to the botox era! While it’s okay to take care of your looks, spending hundreds of dollars to look good just for a couple of months, in my opinion, is a little bit odd.

Cameron Diaz said that she almost forgot how she was before by always using botox. “I’d rather see my face aging than a face that doesn’t belong to me,” wrote the actress in her book.

9. Belly-button nose

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The belly-button nose is also a trend in the plastic surgery world. Women wanting to create that perfect, small, up-turned nose has become an imposed stereotype. That makes them forget that a different nose from the mass is unique and not a flaw.

10. A curvy body

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A curvy body is the new sexy! In fact, no. Each one of us has a unique body shape. You can take care of it by training, but pursuing a trend that may change after 2 years, is a waste of time.
Physiotherapists say that a “flat shape” may come because of the sleeping muscles that block any attempts of women to achieve their ideal shape. On the other hand, butt augmentations and liposuctions have also become a trend to achieve that dream body a-la J-Lo.

Most people care about the overall package, not each part. Very few people sit and examine each body part of their partner to make sure that each part is perfect. © Sarah Lynn Johnson / Quora

What do you think of beauty standards in this era? Write your sincere thoughts in the comments.

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