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10 Details That ‘Expose’ Our Real Age

Details in our appearance that can “expose” our actual age, and some tips on how to slow down the aging process

Looking after yourself and taking care of your looks is not only what our today’s era is looking for, but we’re showing love to our bodies and selves.
Viral Strange will list some details that may show our age even if we try to hide it.

1. Eyelashes

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The estrogen level decreases with age, affecting the eyelashes, too. It’s suggested to remove the eye makeup and use serums to restore their condition.

2. Eyebrows

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Eyebrows become thinner with age. To prevent the dull look, you may use a fixing gel or consult a dermatologist for microblading.

3. Hair

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Not only do we get grey hair, but also its structure changes with age. In this case, we can help reduce the aging process by choosing the right products to treat our hair.

4. Nose

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Did you know that nose is the only part of our body that keeps growing with age? In fact, it only grows in length because of the gravity and the lack of collagen or elastin. What we can do in this case is to use contouring. The magic of makeup! Right?

5. Lips

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The lack of collagen brings thinner lips and blurred contours. We can use lip balm with vitamins or do permanent makeup. On the other hand, there is also the procedure of lip fillers, which increase the lip volume with hyaluronic acid.

6. Pelvis

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Women’s pelvis narrows with age. We can’t do anything about it since it’s a bone structure. What we can do is to keep our bones healthy with a good, full of protein diet and strength training.

7. Feet

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Our skin becomes dry with age, especially in the feet area. We can use a moisturizer to prevent tightness.

8. Knees


The knee ligaments and muscles become weaker with age. We can prevent this process with a good workout routine or regular walking.

9. Armpits

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This area is more sensitive and loses its elasticity by sagging. A workout routine such as push-ups or other tricep exercises can help to prevent this.

10. Pupils

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Yes, our pupils become smaller with age, making it more difficult to see. A good diet and opthalmological examinations can help prevent some eye-health changes.

Have you gone through any of these changes yet? What do you think helps best in these cases? Let us know!

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