10 Foods You Should Not Eat For a Flat Stomach

Some foods can contribute to not having that flat stomach many people might want.

Many people wish to have a flat stomach. However, your eating habits might be a good reason for you not achieving your goal. Abdominal fat might turn into obesity. It might lead to many body issues and Alzheimer’s disease, too.

Following a diet according to your body type and metabolism can be better for your health and a step closer to having a toned abdomen.

Viral Strange has compiled a list of foods that might contribute to not having that flat stomach you want.

1. Yogurt

You can choose the type of yogurt you consume. Some people might even consider ditching it. Why?

One cup of fat-free yogurt is 120 calories. On the other hand, one cup of full-cream yogurt contains almost 170 calories, and one cup of double-cream yogurt contains about 230 calories.

2. Carbonated beverages

Beverages we consume daily can contribute to a fat belly. For example, one small 12-ounce can of coke contains 140 calories. Larger ones might have double the calories. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

3. Legumes

Legumes are rich in carbs. They are nutritious, as well, and can help with protein. However, for a flat stomach, you might consider not consuming them.

4. Processed white and wheat flours

Studies show that processed white flour leads to obesity. It usually contains no fiber or nutrients, and one cup has 455 calories. You might consider substituting it with 100% whole grain flour.

5. Sugar

One cup of white sugar has 733 calories! It is an international concern nowadays. Overconsumption of sugar leads to diabetes, obesity, and many other issues.

6. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is made with oil and many eggs. Tasty, but it is 80% fat, at least!

7. Fast food

Fast food is highly saturated in fat and calories. Studies show that consumption of fast food leads to obesity.

8. Potatoes


Potatoes are very high in calories, too. One medium-sized potato contains about 163 calories. It is suggested to consume them in moderation if you want a flat stomach.

9. Dried fruits

Dried fruits contain lots of calories. Also, when coated with sugar, their calories might increase.

10. Energy bars

Energy bars are good to get that boost of daily energy. However, they contain lots of calories, which might not help achieve a flat stomach.

Do you follow a regimen to have a flat stomach? Is any of these foods part of your eating habits? Tell us more in the comments.

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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