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10 Hacks to Save You From Awkward Situations


In the daily lives of each of us we face so many strange events that we didn’t think about them, if we didn’t know the wisdom to find them it might ruin our day. Read this post to get ready for any awkward situation

We at ViralStrange listed 10 Hacks prevent you from awkward situations.

1. Breath smell.

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Early in the morning when you are late for work, you go to work quickly without eating. This makes your mouth smell bad. But don’t worry it’s easy, the problem will be solved by eating chew coffee beans.

2. Shoes is wet!

One of the problems that many of us face is the wetness of our shoes, when it rains all night and you leave your shoes outside. But don’t worry it’s not that hard to solve Dry your shoes by using cat litter, You can Fill up some pantyhose with cat litter Put it in your shoes This will help to dry out.

‎3. ‏Sweating.

Another of the most common problems with sweating ، in the summer, most of us suffer from this problem, which causes it to build up on our clothes and give it an ugly look. ‏ But you can treat it by using panty liners.

4. Ring stuck.

Many women suffer from this problem, as their weight increases after marriage, their wedding ring shrinks to their fingers and may get stuck in their fingers. But you can treat it the easiest way, just apply a little shampoo on your finger and gently try to remove the ring from your finger.

‎5. Teeth yellow.

‏We all like to have very white and beautiful teeth while laughing, but what if our teeth were yellow due to one of the reasons such as smoking? Should we not laugh anymore? No you can have a white and attractive tooth using a banana, just brush the banana in your teeth for 20 minutes then brush your teeth with a toothbrush, Repeat..this every day until you have an attractive tooth

6. Potatoes for sweating

Another problem is the blackout of the sensitive areas of the body, such as elbows, which gives you an ugly shape, you can use potatoes to solve this. ‏Cut the potatoes and give them to the areas of the body that have turned black., Then wash it. This will help to whiten.

7. Ugly clothes appearance.

Another problem for obese people is that their clothes look ugly due to their physical appearance. The quick solution to this is to wear simple and dark clothing, so that they will look less weighty.

8. Makeup.


Ladies always want to look their best, so most laides use makeup to look their best, their makeup needs are many and varied, and you need a lot of money to buy them all. ‏But you don’t have to buy all that much, just by buying a lipstick you can make your makeup the most beautiful

9. Hair.

Everyone dreams of shiny and beautiful hair, to own the hair you dreamed of. I advise you to add salt to your hair shampoo, this may be a small thing but it has a big effect.

‎10. Underwear.

Another of the reasons why your body looks ugly, wearing tight underwear, so that your body looks more beautiful you can cut your old pajamas and wear them under your panties.

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