10 Interesting Facts Coffee Lovers Should Know

Interesting facts about coffee and its benefits

Where are the coffee lovers? I am one, for sure! I cannot start my day without a good cup of coffee. Otherwise, a cute little monster takes over and the day goes south. LOL.

You probably know a thing or two about coffee. You may have witnessed it giving you a boost of energy, or just the fact that it tastes so good. Of course, some benefits are coming alongside the good smell and taste.

Viral Strange has gathered 10 interesting facts about coffee and coffee drinkers that you probably don’t know. Let’s have a look.

1. Finland is on top of the list as the highest coffee-drinking country

Did you know that Brazil, even though it’s the biggest coffee producer in the world, is not the highest coffee-drinking country?

In fact, on top of the list is Finland. Finnish people consume around 12.5 kg of coffee each year. In second place is Sweden, with more than 10 kg of coffee consumption annually.

2. Coffee was discovered by goats

Kaldi was an Ethiopian goat herder presented in a legend that speaks about the origin of coffee.

The legend says that Kaldi‘s goats discovered coffee after they ate berries from the tree. The goats were sleepless all night. Then, Kaldi told what happened to the local monastery. They discovered its energetic properties and started its cultivation.

3. Painkillers with coffee are more efficient

The first thing we do when having a headache is get a glass of water and a painkiller. However, if you take the painkiller with coffee, it will be more effective.

The ingredients of popular OTC painkillers may have caffeine, too. 40% is the efficacy of the painkillers increased by the presence of caffeine.

4. Coffee bans were a failure

Can you believe it? Many leaders have tried to ban coffee!

In the 16th century in Mecca and also in Italy the leaders tried to ban coffee, but the love for it triumphed! After 2 centuries, Sweden also tried to ban it, but it was a successful failure.

5. Caffeine overdose is real

Yes. You can overdose on caffeine. It is very rare, though.

More than 4-8 cups of coffee (depending on your strength) can cause jitters, insomnia, and even irritability. Also, if you consume too much for a short period, let’s say 30 cups of coffee, can lead to an overdose.

6. Decaf isn’t the same as caffeine-free

People should know this. Pregnant ladies, you, too. Attention! Do not confuse decaf coffee with caffeine-free products!

Of course, decaf has not much caffeine as normal coffee, but it still contains caffeine. Let’s say it contains around 7 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, caffeine-free products and supplements have 0% caffeine.

7. The most expensive coffee comes from poop


Ew, right? Who knew we can drink coffee from poop? Yikes.

Well… Surprise! It is the most expensive coffee in the world! It is called Kopi Luwak and it’s extracted from the Asian palm civet’s feces in Indonesia.

The fermented beans in the animal’s poop get collected, washed, roasted, and ground. However, this process is not animal-friendly, since the creatures stay in cages without proper hygiene or safety!

8. Coffe can prolong your life


It was thought that coffee could cause cancer. However, we have good news!

Today’s studies have proven that 1-4 cups a day, can prolong the lifespan. Also, other studies have proven that coffee drinkers have fewer cardiovascular problems, with an 8-15% reduction in death risk.

9. Bugs in ground coffee

Now… We know that fruits and veggies we consume daily, even after washing them, have some bugs. Let’s call them good protein, shall we?

Coffee powder, too, is allowed by the FDA laws to have 10 mg of insect parts per 450 g. The yikes part? There is also an OK for 4-6% of beans to be infested.

10. Coffee can reduce your breast size

Do you wish to have a smaller breast size? Yoo-hoo! Read below.

A study shows that caffeine can reduce breast size in women. The more coffee consumed, the stronger the effects. However, it only* works on women that have a specific gene present in their DNA.

Are you a coffee lover? Which fact was news to you? Tell us in the comments.

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