111-year old grandpa is officially the oldest man alive

He has discovered the secret of longevity.

Indulging in a hearty chippy tea every Friday seems to be the secret recipe for longevity, according to John Alfred Tinniswood, who recently claimed the title of the world’s oldest living man at the remarkable age of 111 years and 224 days.

The Hollies Rest Home

Hailing from England, John attributes his impressive lifespan to nothing more than sheer luck. His weekly tradition of enjoying fish and chips has become a cherished ritual, embodying a simple yet fulfilling approach to life.

The Hollies Rest Home

Guinness World Records officially recognized John’s extraordinary achievement just two days after the passing of the previous title holder, Juan Vicente Pérez, who died at the age of 114, a mere month before his 115th birthday.

John’s declaration of the importance of chippy tea in his life serves as a heartwarming reminder of the joy found in life’s simple pleasures, as well as the unpredictable mysteries of longevity.

Written by Telha

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