15 Celebrity Women That Are Not Ashamed Of Their Body Hair

Famous women who are not ashamed of their body hair

Some people often get the audacity to tell women they must get rid of their body hair. Some women love their skin smooth and with no hair. On the other hand, some women love and embrace their natural hair without considering other people’s opinions.

There are many body hair removal methods, such as waxing or laser. However, many celebrity women walk in the opposite direction without being ashamed of their natural body hair.

Viral Strange has collected 15 pictures of these famous women, proving that body hair removal should be a choice, not an expectation!

1. Madonna

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2. Rowan Blanchard

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3. Sophia Loren

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4. Emma Watson

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5. Alyssa Milano

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6. Pixie Lott

© Tom Belcher / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

7. Sarah Hyland

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8. Michelle Rodriguez

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9. Lola Kirke

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10. Emma Roberts

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11. Emily Ratajkowski

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12. Alicia Keys

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13. Bekah Martinez


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14. Dua Lipa

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15. Julia Michaels

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Does your body hair bother you? What’s your opinion on body hair removal methods? Tell us in the comments.

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    • Since when do women shave the arm hair?? I didn’t even know that was a thing women considered shaving… So now it’s not lady like or the in look to have these days is making sure you have no arm hair cause lord forbid those certain people that get all bent out of shape if they see a woman with arm hair especially if the woman has thicker, darker, and my fuller then normal hair on her arms; oh shit she’s ugly, disgusting, and nasty for being natural and normal. I had no clue people even paid attention to the amount of hair on your arms LMAO wow people never seem to amaze me! I say be who you wanna be because your beautiful just the way you are! Being yourself is way more attractive then trying to be someone else’s beautiful….if they don’t like what you look like then they don’t deserve you anyway and it’s their loss beautiful lady!

    • I wouldn’t say it makes me sick, I just don’t care for it particularly. My daughter doesn’t shave her legs, but I think she’s just making a stand against the Patriarchy…and I’m àll for that. I’m proud of her, and happy she’s my daughter and I never have to date her. 😕🤪🥴

  1. I’m a dude. I tend to shave most of my body. I’ve neglected my face lately, but that’s just an experiment to see if I can actually grow a beard. [Spoiler alert: I cannot!] If I could, without danger, dip my body from the nose down in Nair, I’d do it. I loathe body hair. It doesn’t help that I look like a Neanderthal & Robin Williams had a Love Child together. I don’t mean to shame the pictured women, and they are indeed still beautiful. It is just my particular quirk.

  2. Lmao I didn’t realize arm hair was a problem 🤣🤣 I NEVER SHAVE MY ARMS im sorry but like who does that ! I understand the armpits because yes hygiene is a thing and even though there showing to normalize women having hair down there i dont find that normal is gross and alot of people like I said have poor hygiene soo having all the hair makes it worse and also makes you smell but AGAIN shaving your arm hair wtf 🤣🤣 I think my legs my arms pits my vagina and abit of my face is all thanks I rather not have monkey arms

  3. Ffs – women shouldn’t be ashamed of any part of their body – it’s a fashion choice to shave – but our pubic hair has a purpose and it’s not disgusting- people need to wise up! Women are so suppressed it’s obscene

  4. Why is everyone having on arm hair?? Maybe women should hold body hair against men then. Like seriously before judging imagine having to shave every inch of your body for society and men to find you sexy. Who cares as long as personal hygiene is maintained who cares.