16 Celebrities Who Kept a Great Look Even After So Many Years

Celebrities are the one who change their apparence the most but sometimes people love it or hate it, we are going to talk about the ones who kept looking great even after so many years

Famous people and usually the ones who work in the movie or music industry are the ones who are very versatile because they need to adapt to every change that may appear because of a new role they got or a new tour around the world. So in short celebrities change their look very often and people sometimes like it or dislike it.

We at Viral Strange made a photo collection to show our followers how much your favorite celebrity has changed their look through the years. We must they worked hard to achieve this and we think that they look just great.

1. Emma Watson


The ”Harry Potter” star Emma Watson got her fame when she was just a kid, and her fans love her because she is a real beauty. At one moment in 2010, she cut her hair very short and stunned all but she eventually grow them back because that style exposed her forehead too much.

2. Emma Watson


Because of the many roles, she got Emma needed to dye her hair very often but her original hair color is blonde. In 2019 the famous actress surprised everyone with her new look, brown hair, and an asymmetric bob cut. People love it and she almost looks like a new person.

3. Katty Perry


She’s the queen of experimenting always different things with her look from brunette long bangs to the look she stunned all because it was a short boy cut, but now she is blonde and looks amazing with her favorite red lipstick.

4. Blake Lively


At her career first appearances, she liked her blonde long hair and liked very much to wear simple clothes but eventually, she changed this and now her appearance looks more of a lady born in a high-class family with luxury style.

5. Charlize Theron


The real diva when it comes to changing her look doesn’t have much problem because she is used to adapting to her roles in the movies. She even shaved her head in the movie ”Mad Max: Fury Road” surprisingly she looked very hot because her head shape was good and looked great even with a bald head. Then she returned to dark hair and later to blonde again.

6. Kerry Washington


For many years she suppressed her natural curls with straight hairs but she eventually let the natural forces come back and now she looks more joyful and brighter.

7. Jennifer Lawrence


At her first career beginning, she followed a simple dress code with ordinary dresses and kept her long blonde hair but through the year she started to have a more stylish look towards elegance with a platinum blonde color and we must say she is starting to experiment new things.

8. Kristen Stewart


The star of ”Bella and Twilight” Kristen Stewart has changed her look very often from long hairs at her career beginning to a more boy cut and goth style hair. She even for once tried to adapt to wearing long dresses and looking elegant but she realized that they weren’t for her so now she loves to have messy hair with bright makeup and loose clothes.

9. Tom Hardy

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Tom Hardy is a great actor with a handsome look and his fans love him because Why not? He loves to keep it simple with messy and short hairstyles. He also loves that his suits be well fitted and not baggy.

10. Michelle Williams


At first, she appeared with blond short hair but now she changed that because she is starting to keep more long blonde hairs with a platinum color that looks great with her light makeup.

11. Anne Hathaway


For some time when she was filming for the movie ”Les Miserables,” she had short hair and experimented with a look more manly with leather and edgy clothes but eventually, she returned to her feminine side and started having long hair and wearing elegant dresses.

12. Cate Blanchett


The critics have often called her a fashion icon because she always appears in very stylish dresses and elegant looks. She doesn’t like to experiment much with her look and she always chooses to look elegant and luxurious.

13. Bradley Cooper

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The famous actor and comedian Bradley Cooper glowed up from blonde messy hairs with a messy dressing code to a more gentlemanly look with his natural hair color and his dress code changed to wearing tuxedos and bowtie.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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  1. Loved your story about our beautiful celebs. I really enjoy seeing how much they have changed there look. It inspires me to try things even though I’m not a celeb. I am in y own right to my family and friends.
    Thank you again for a great article.