16 People Living Their Best Moment Ever

People enjoying and having the best time in their lives

Life is short, and all we have is the moment! Embracing and loving whatever happens now is the key to a happy life.

However, there are some moments in life when happiness and excitement reach the sky! It might be even a little thing, insignificant at first, which can give you that type of good humor boost!

Viral Strange has collected 16 moments of people having the best time in their lives. Enjoy…

1. World’s happiest criminal


Ever wanted to get arrested? No? Well… This 99-year-old lady had it on her bucket list to get in jail once. To make her happy, the Dutch police arrested the lady for only 2 minutes.

2. Engagement day


The happiest day for this couple was their engagement day. The man uses a wheelchair because he cannot walk. They are now married.

3. First class pass


Economy class is affordable. Yes. Not everyone can push to business class that easily but this couple did! They look very happy about it.

4. First day of a new job


Many people struggle to find a job. This is the first day of a new job for this lady who has been looking for a job for 2 years.

5. Spider-man fan


The happiness of this guy is seen on his face! He wrote a fan letter to the author of the Spiderman comics series and he got the whole collection signed by the author as a gift.

6. Surprise!


The happiest day for this 3-year-old girl was the surprise party that her parents held for her.

7. Transformation

La Salvajería/

Living on the street for 25 years, this man’s happiest day was the makeover offered by a salon owner. This transformation left him in tears.

8. Feline friend

A blind man holding a cat for the very first time. His face’s expression is pure happiness!

9. A mother’s look


This baby’s smile when he looks at his mother is priceless. Pure happiness!

10. Free trip to Spain

A guy changed his mind about a trip with his friends to Spain. Not wanting to let the tickets go to waste, they tried to find another person with the exact name as their friend to gift him the ticket. They did find him and the guy won a free trip to Spain!

11. Wedding crasher


Getting your wedding day crushed by some unwanted person is the worst feeling ever! But when Tom Hanks is that person, he’s more than welcome!

12. Virtual Reality Happiness

Politikz /

The happiest day for this 93-year-old was when she saw a giant dragon before her on a VR headset! She was brave enough to not run but smile!

13. Jackpot!

For a young guy, it is a great moment to win at the arcade! These two boys had their best moment ever when they won at their local arcade.

14. Peace and happiness


Buddhists are all for peace and happiness! These monks had their happiest day ever on the roller coaster!

15. First Birth


For every parent out there, the day of giving birth is the most precious. This selfie right after giving birth to their first child, says all about the couple’s happiness.

16. Musical festival silliness

This guy at the festival had his best day ever! He even took a selfie to show his friends that unbelievable moment. LOL.

Do you have a special day in your mind when you have been the happiest? Tell us your story in the comments!

Written by DADADEL

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