16 Times People Captured Their Life-Changing Events On Camera

Life-changing events captured on camera

People go through different challenges in their lives. However, some people have managed to capture their life-changing events on camera. From surviving surgeries to breaking up with their loved ones, these people certainly have something to hold on to.

Viral Strange has collected 16 of these moments captured on camera. Let’s have a look…

1. “This photo of my mom was taken and later shown to a widower who wanted to marry her. Then it turned out that the groom had tuberculosis and his family and himself were hiding that fact. Luckily, my Mom didn’t marry this man.”

© Raksharth Choudhary / quora

2. “The photo was taken right after I found out that I had Lyme disease. I was going to drop out of high school, but my friends helped me and kept me going through the last months before our graduation.”

© Noémi Macavei-Katócz / quora

3. “I took this picture of me and my fiancee, Olivia, in March of 2017. I love this picture, but I also hate it because it is the last picture I ever took of us together. Olivia was killed in a car accident.”

© Christopher Nelms / quora

4. “There had been someone spreading rumors about my injuries being lies at my university. I had just been told by the doctors that, after a year of rehab, that my legs worked normally again.”

© Malcolm Tolman / quora

5. “I served on a submarine for 5 years. When I returned home, I fell into a depression and at some point had suicidal thoughts. This dog changed my life 2 years ago.”

© jeffrWebDog / Reddit

6. “My wife had just given birth to our twins in the hospital. She was already in labor when the doctors decided to do a C-section. Fortunately, everything went well.”

© Ben A. Wise/quora

7. “I had just moved to New York City. I moved out of the country that I grew up in, I was $50,000 in debt, with exactly ZERO savings in my account. I was on the verge of becoming homeless.”

© Shivee Chauhan / quora

8. “Taking my first steps after a spinal fusion. This was the moment my life changed completely.”

© crownedPom / Reddit

9. “2 weeks ago I gave birth to my first child. Isn’t it supposed to be the happiest time in your life? However, this was the day I found out that my boyfriend, her father, was cheating on me. I left the next day while he was at work.”

© Autumn Smith/quora

10. “My boyfriend of 8 years broke up with me via text just because I disliked how his co-worker was touching him inappropriately, and he let her do it.”

© Caroline Grey/quora

11. “I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I had tried for more than a decade to have a baby and I thought she was going to die. The day after this photo was taken I gave birth to our baby.”

© Angel Searle / quora

12. “My friend recently competed in a film festival. This is the moment they announced his film had won.”

© BVSEDGVD / Reddit

13. “My hair was falling out, my face was swollen, and my organs were shutting down because of an eating disorder. I’m finally healthy, happy, and thriving!”

© Suzanne Gregory / quora

14. “I had just won a silver medal in a Karate State-Level Championship. I started to feel unbearable pain in my back due to my heavy training and stayed in bed for 2 weeks. I keep this photo as a reminder to never forget about my health.”

© Tanmayee Parchure / quora

15. “I’m 18 here. At that time, I was officially diagnosed with OCD, paranoia, and I had symptoms of schizophrenia. It has been 2 years of consultations with psychologists, being on medication, and finally, I’m at peace with myself.”

© Keso Gagoshidze / quora

16. “My boyfriend had me put on weight because he was so jealous, he didn’t want other men to find me attractive. This was the day he broke up with me via text. And this is me one year later…”

© Hannah Dale/quora

Do you have an exact memory of any life-changing event? We would love to hear your story! Tell us more in the comments.

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