19 Funny People Making You to Swipe Right Instantly On Dating Apps

People’s bios on dating apps that give a good laugh

You can find everyone and anything on dating apps. Many people find these apps effective in meeting someone new. Others are surprised or even terrified of what they see and read on these apps.

However, some guys and girls have taken this game to the next level! A funny profile picture or a spicy bio has made everyone want to swipe right instantly!

Viral Strange has collected 19 photos of these people who have interesting profiles! Let’s have a look…

1. She’s not wrong

© ojoaopestana / Reddit

2. I Saw this on tinder today, unfortunately, we didn’t match

© TonyThicc / Reddit

3. Rate my tinder pic & bio lmao

© Komplexs / Reddit

4. Someone please date him

© Lilac0996 / Reddit

5. Ron

© unknown / Reddit

6. Current Relationship Status: I Can Relate

© Thinking-About-Her / Reddit

7. The perfect woman does exis…

© Sir_cocconut / reddit

8. 1/2

© Kopar199 / Reddit

9. DateCheri

© The_Venezian / reddit

10. Awesome bio

© unknown / Reddit

11. Never has a Tinder profile given me so much joy.

© Missrumsoakedkiss / Imgur

12. I hope this guy finds love on Tinder. He’s awesome.

© unknown / Imgur

13. When your Tinder match-up goes better than expected

© Juzcress / Reddit

14. My tinder profile

© Vrpowell2000 / Imgur

15. Oh, Tinder.

© Bannaner5 / Imgur

16. I thought love was only true in fairy tales.

© unknown / Imgur

17. Shark on Tinder

© Lucidcraycray / Imgur

18. This girl has Tinder on lockdown

© JJLordy / Imgur

19. So, Hilary Duff is on Tinder.

© Spaghettifacebang / Imgur

Have you ever been on dating apps? Did you come across any catchy bios or profile pics? Tell us more in the comments.

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