22 year old girl becomes blind for months after eyelash extention

A harrowing ordeal left a young woman without vision for a month after she went blind following an incident where she had lashes applied while still wearing her contact lenses.

Lillie Barrett, 22, recounted the distressing experience that unfolded after she opted for a set of £55 Russian lashes while keeping her lenses on. Initially, an itching sensation troubled her left eye, prompting her to seek relief at a chemist where drops were prescribed for what appeared to be pink eye.

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However, within days, her condition worsened dramatically. Her eye swelled, and yellow discharge accumulated on her cornea, ultimately leading to a complete loss of vision.

The distressing episode was captured in footage showing Lillie’s cornea taking on a murky grey hue, rendering her blind in one eye and unable to perceive depth with the other. Fearing the worst, she was swiftly taken to the emergency department at St Helier Hospital in Sutton, South London, where a specialist diagnosed her with a corneal ulcer.

Despite medical intervention, the exact cause of her eye infection remained elusive.

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Reflecting on the ordeal, Lillie is convinced that bacteria, possibly introduced during her lash appointment, triggered the infection. She bravely shared her story from November 2022 as a cautionary tale for fellow contact lens users who also indulge in lash enhancements.

Corneal ulcers, as outlined by the NHS, are open sores on the outer layer of the cornea often associated with surface damage, a condition notably prevalent among contact lens wearers. Now advocating for caution, Lillie urges others to consider switching from monthly to daily disposable lenses, citing reduced infection risks.

Recalling the onset of symptoms, Lillie recounted, “Six hours after my appointment my eye started to react and it felt like something was scratching my eye so I took my contact lenses out and put my glasses on.”

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As her eye continued to worsen, she initially attributed it to allergies or a bout of conjunctivitis. However, the situation escalated rapidly, with her vision deteriorating to the point where even basic tasks became impossible.

Describing her visit to the hospital, she recalled, “I was going to drive myself to the doctors but then realised I couldn’t as I didn’t have any 3D vision.” Despite medical attention, the definitive cause of her condition remains uncertain, serving as a sobering reminder of the potential risks associated with contact lens use and cosmetic procedures.

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