25 Pictures Taken Right Before Misfortune

A collection of funny photos shot right before something happened after

Who doesn’t like taking pictures or selfies? I do, for a starter, and I think I should have been part of this photo collection. Being busy trying to get the right angle for a photo, might lose sight of what is coming at us. Like… literally.

Viral Strange has prepared a collection of photos shot right before the actual misfortune. Let’s have a laugh together!

1. She slipped trying to pop the soap bubbles

© GallowBoob / reddit

2. Cheers to this mate who drank so much that he forgot his GF was on his shoulders during the Brazilian carnival

© pizzamagica / imgur

3. Just casually riding a bike

© Gherop / reddit

4. Oh, this is not gonna end well

© Unknown author / Imgur

5. A second before contest

© Unknown author / reddit

6. Oh, wow

© Unknown author / Imgur

7. World’s best belly flopper (maybe?), caught seconds before impact!

© kavads / reddit

8. Getting caked by Steve Aoki

© krilled / reddit

9. Headshot!

© Unknown author / Imgur

10. Discipline at all times!

© poopyAR / reddit

11. My phone captured a card being dealt, total accident but a mildly interesting consequence

© CleverAliases / reddit

12. This isn’t going to end well

© Unknown author / Imgur

13. Congrats!

© Unknown author / Imgur

14. This photo is legendary in my family. A snapshot right before my mom was hit by a baseball.

© p07a70 / reddit

15. I’ve made a mistake.

© brdraper / reddit

16. Downhill

© Aschebescher / reddit

17. About six days late for the 4th of July, but this is what happens when you use an empty Red Bull can as a mortar tube. Enjoy our mistake Reddit.

© Shamms / reddit

18. Oh deer…

© Maklo_Never_Forget / reddit

19.PsBattle: Volleyball game gone wrong

© PaperkutRob / reddit

20. Tried to take a nice summer pic with the lads… Got a football to the head instead!


21. Guess who’s more scared?

© BteThatsMee / reddit

22. Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

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23. Wait, what?

© qhcgFla / imgur

24. Moments before disaster

© Valens / reddit

25. Perfect timing selfie

© ppswwe / reddit

Have you found yourself in any similar situation? Which picture is the most epic one? Let us know in the comments!

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