25 Stupidity Award-Winning Pictures

A collection of pictures showing another world of stupidity

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
Viral Strange has collected 25 pictures that show another world of stupidity.

1. Oh, gosh…

2. It’s candy, ma’am!

3. Are you for real?

4. Karma?

5. Oh, wow…

6. Because you said NO?

7. Smart… Not.

8. Well…


9. Dontquitoes – Stronger than mosquitoes

10. Sorry, this made me laugh…

11. The right place to ask…


13. hOw DiD yOu GeT mY nUmBeR

14. We hope she wasn’t a blonde… (JK)

15. Nice work, guys! Keep pushing.

16. I bet Marsians are very mad about it.

17. What about you, mister?

18. Uhm, what?

19. “Oh… That’s so sad.” And you’re STUPID. Total morons.

20. Geographic class cancelled

21. You can’t be real, too…

22. Uh… It doesn’t.

23. You reap what you sow… 😀

24. I’ve tested positive.

25. Oh, my…

Which one is more ridiculous? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dadadel

Adelaida Dajko, also known as Dadadel, is a web copywriter. Dadadel has 16 years of experience in media communication. She's also enrolled in digital marketing and creative design.

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