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5 Animals Than Can Crawl Through The Toilet

Five pests and animals that can crawl in through your toilet seat into your house

It may seem impossible, yet some creatures can pay a visit in your house… through your toilet. Viral Strange will list 5 animals that can be your new guests if you don’t clean up your toilet seat consistently.

1. Snakes

Diego Madrigal / Pexels

Snakes are driven from the remnants left in the sewer. In that way, they can be fed on with. Then, they look for a way out. They only sneak up in toilets in warm countries.

2. Rats

Shashank Kumawat / Pexels

Rats also can swim through the toilet pipes. Be careful to clean your trash bag, and don’t flush the food down your toilet.

3. Spiders

Egor Kamelev / Pexels

Spiders can get in the bathroom in other ways, but black widows can get through the toilet. Usually, this happens in outdoor toilets that aren’t connected to a sewer system.

4. Lizards

Min An / Pexels

Lizards coming through the toilet pipes are common in Southwest US. They love water. Also, they always try to find food in the weirdest places.

5. Possums

Skyler Ewing / Pexels

Possums, or better said, baby possums which are slimmer in size, are excellent swimmers that can crawl into your toilet.

How to Stop Them

  • Keep your toilet clean
  • Keep it dry
  • Clean your pipes naturally
  • Call a pest control company

Have you ever had any uninvited guests from your toilet? Tell us your story!

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  1. Last summer I had 1 lime green frog With a red mouth and another frog that just looked like a slimy gray lump come up in my toilet and since then I keep my toilet lid closed all the time and I keep the stopper in both my bathroom sink and tub in at all times.