5 Things That Girls Hate That Their Boyfriends Do

Girls are very moody by nature, even if they are not on their periods. They have mood swings that will make you crazy to handle. They might be very unpredictable and dramatic at times. Most of the time, they are mad because of the things you do to them that are unreasonable. What are the things that make girls really feel upset?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed 5 things that girls hate that their boyfriends do

1. Late replies 

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One of the girl’s pet peeves is when it takes you so long to reply to her text messages or when it takes you forever to return her calls. You can call her paranoid, but she wants to know your whereabouts. She wants to know if you are just doing good. Most of the time, she acts this way because she cares for you that much. She values the small things. It might not be a big deal for you, but for her it is. You should not give her reasons to worry about you in the first place. 

2. Forgetting about special dates

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Girls are very particular with special dates of their lives, whether it is your anniversary, birthday, etc. You have to make sure to remind yourself of these dates because if not, it will be big chaos waiting. They want you to greet them on these dates because they find it romantic. They are not expecting a gift or anything, a special greeting is enough. You might think that she is overreacting, but that is because she gives importance to even the simplest things because they are what really matter in the long run. It is not being dramatic, but more on giving importance.

3. Hanging out with your male  friends and not telling her

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She is not turning possessive or what, but she deserves to know when you go out together with your male friends. It is not that she does not trust you, but it is your obligation to let her know. You have a life of your own, but she deserves to know because she is your girlfriend. A simple text will give her peace of mind. The truth is, she can’t trust your friends sometimes, because they tolerate your wrongdoings as well. They also lie to cover up their bad habits, and it makes her feel bad. She only wants a better circle of friends for you.

4. Not respecting her parents and friends

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It is a major red flag for her when you disrespect the people she loves. It is a major turn off when you brag or act arrogant in front of them. If you want to be closer to her heart, you need to win their approval too. You have to know how to deal with them and be close to them. You have to know how to respect them because they mean a lot to her.

5. Invalidate her feelings

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She hates it when you ignore her feelings. She feels bad when you turn her down when she is about to open up her thoughts in feelings. She hates it when you poke fun at her for making things a big deal, when in fact, you did not listen to her explanation. You don’t understand that she has a different way of coping up with things. When you stop her from showing her real feelings, she will hide them moving forward to satisfy you.

She knows that she has lapses too, but if you can’t handle her, don’t pursue her because she is not like the other girls. There are times that she hates you for doing these things, but she will still love you. She understands as well that you are not perfect, after all.

Written by Dwarozh

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

– Henry Ward Beecher

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  1. So many things make up a female and guys have biochemistry that is totally different apart from being sex-crazy thoughts the girls have a calendar that does not allow them to forget. Is this why guys are totally useless on those dates? Also keeping tabs on you isn’t bad she wants to calm her maternal instincts on your well-being to her she looks on you as her possible life-mate, no harm in wanting to talk to you as she misses you. You must be good for her if she is that interested.
    Male friends there comes a time when the divide begins, it is where she is important to you and you make plans together. Your lifetime friends are still single or not settled. That is an agreement between you both that you have a lad’s night and she a girl’s night. Often you find that is harder to do as time goes on.

    Her friends etc. well you cannot have it all your way. You may have complete idiots for friends in her view but you have known them for a long time. Girls need to have a bestie or a friend that they can ask and share with. That leaves her feelings, learn to listen more, I’m guilty in the first degree of being feeling nothing than saying “What?”
    That is the blue touch paper that ignites anger or the waterworks. Sometimes whatever you try the eggshells under your feet will never stay whole. you have to understand her moods and ways. Three partnerships and still finding the odd day that I always do something stupid. 30 years together now and that makes for a record or have I found the answer? Nope, not yet.