6 Women Who Went Through A Hard Time And Prevailed In The End

Different stories from women who went through tough times and never back down but rose to win in their life.

Sometimes through history, women were treated as lesser beings than men. They are characterized as the ones who are very soft and gentle and will always need men’s support to achieve things in their life. But history has proved that women can be a formidable force and will not back down that easily. They can go through hell and will prevail in the end because their spirit is tough and will not break so easily.

We at Viral Strange found and brought to you some stories from different women out there who went through hard times but didn’t break their spirit.

1. Cody Hall born with severe facial deformities went through 18 surgeries and now works in a surgical ward.

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She was born in the U.K and had very severe facial deformities, the doctors told her parents that there was nothing it could be done for this case. But her family never give up on her and started a found me campaign to gather money to operate their daughter in the United States. She was only one when she received her first surgical operation to correct her deformities.


She went through 18 different surgeries during her life and that was not something easy to overcome but she finally won. She said that her disability didn’t stop her to become an excellent student or feeling bad about herself.


Today she is happy and got married to the love of her life since high school, she also works in a surgical ward at Kettering General Hospital. There is a happy ending to everything she said, and that is so true.

2. This Pakistani woman made it possible for all of the women from the Islamic States to pursue the dream of education themselves.


She first got attention and renown when she started a blog on BBC about the difficulties of the Taliban regime and how hard and impossible it was for Pakistani girls to attend studies and educate themselves. Malala Yousafzai is considered a real heroine for standing up for their rights.


This campaign of her was not easy because she received many death threats from Pakistani and also survived a real assassination attempt on her life. For her good deed, she is the youngest Nobel Price laureate. As an Oxford student, she still is trying to help girls around the world to educate themselves and escape slavery and mistreatment.

3. Mikayla Holmgren is the first woman with Down syndrome to ever compete in Miss Minnesota USA.


Mikayla proved to the world that being with Down syndrome is not a disability and will not prevent you from achieving what you want in your life. She received two words during that contest, The Spirit Award, and Directors Award.


She is an inspiring person because of the hardworking and inspiring example that she gives to other people. People describe her as a happy, determined, lovely, and sincere lady. Mikayla says that disabilities shouldn’t stop any girl like her around the globe to stop doing what they want.

4. Sarah Moore does 9 different jobs to support the elder peoples of her island.


Sarah moved from big city life to a really small Scottish island, but that island was only inhabited by very old people, so Sarah to responsibility to help them by doing the hardest jobs on the island. It is very hard to believe it but she does 9 different jobs at the same time. She is a shepherd, a firefighter, a carer, an air traffic controller, and a council clerk. She also operates excavators in their neighbor’s farms personally delivers local mail and gives tours around the lighthouse.


She has no regrets about leaving the city and coming here to do all that work, she enjoys it and said she felt good to create so many friendships and not feel alone anymore. The local people love her so much for her hardworking and her good soul.

5. Bethany Hamilton lost an arm from a shark attack and still went to become a surfing star.


When she was just 13 years old Bethany Hamilton experienced a terrifying moment when she was attacked by a shark, during the attack she lost an arm but this encounter didn’t brake her bravery and made her push it to the limits and continued surfing.


Her story was decent enough for a book and a movie named Soul Surfer. She now is a happy wife and mom and became a national champion when she was positioned second in the World Junior Championship.

6. From gang homeless member to a Harvard graduate.

These are the sad childhood stories of Liz Murray, she went through many difficulties because of the bullies at the school, which made her quit it and became a gang member in her teens. This was not it because at her 15 years old she lost her mom and she and her family were forced to move to a homeless shelter. She used to sleep on beaches and was all alone.


Usually, people with difficult life at some point break and lose themselves but for Liz, this was not the end because she became an excellent student in school and even graduate from the University of Harvard. She still is taking care of her sick father because he was the one who made her follow the path of love and learning.


Written by Igli Ismolli

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful testimonials of fine strong willed women, I loved reading their stories!
    What an inspiration to never lose hope and faith in God
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