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7 Locations Of Your Moles That Reveal Mutch About Your Personality

Did You Know You Can Tell A lot About Your Personality By Moles Location?

Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ of your body? And moles are part of the skin and are growths on your skin that may come in different shapes and size usually not the same color as your skin but black or brown. They can appear in any place of your body alone or in groups, by the 20 first years of life most of the moles appear and they can change slowly in shapes and color somee eaven grow hair. As many Chinese believes they can tell some things about your personality if you are a hard working person for example or if you are honest and many more.

Viral Strange is going to list 7 different moles locations and its personality explanation.

1. Cheek Moles

A mole in the left cheek side means you may be arrogant or introvert but a mole in the right side means you a re more a family person that loves and care alot about your faimily. Also in general moles in cheeks represent honesty,sensitivity and shyness and in some occasions a natural leader.

2. Mole On The Lips

Peoples with moles in the lips have more charm and elegance and usually life their life to the fullest.They also have hobbies like traveling and spending time with friends. The ones with the moles on the lower lip tend to have more successful children.

3. Forehead Moles

Moles on your left forehead means you are a little bit unlucky and need more work to achieve some desired goals. But moles on the right side means you are a great friend and companion.

Moles in the middle of forehead represent wisdom and healthy marriage

4. Moles On Shoulders

Moles on your shoulders means that you are a responsible person and a real problem solver that can get things done,also enjoying helping others.

5. Chin Moles

Moles in chin means you may be a stubborn person sometimes but also caring and determined.

The left side chin moles means you are a person who speaks his mind all the time and straightforward. The right cin moles mean you are more of a logical person.

6. Nose Moles

Peoples with the moles on the nose might be egoist but also hard-working and with high self respect.

Peoples with moles on the tip of their noses are sometimes impulsive and can say thing without thinking them very well

Peoples with moles on the left side of the nose means that you may have struggles in life but will overcome all of them

Peoples with moles on the right side of the nose means are passionate and loves connection with other peoples.

7. Foot Moles

A person with moles on their feet means that loves to travel a lot and have a good family life.But also might have some financial problems later in life.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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