9 Things Only A Few People Can Do

Nine bodily functions only a few people can do

We don’t really know how our mind and body function on it 100%. Even though science tries to explain many things, some others still are a mystery. There are many things people can do. However, there are only a few people who can do certain things.

Viral Strange will present 9 simple things only a few people can do.

1. Moving limbs in the opposite direction

An experiment: Move your right foot in a clockwise direction. Now, try to write the number “6” with your big toe. Now you started moving your foot in the opposite direction. Some people are exceptions to this change because of the way their brain is wired.

2. Twitching your nose


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Some people can twitch their noses without being a witch. You can even train yourself to do that.

3. Gleeking

Gleeking” is an advanced form of spitting, and it happens when the tongue moves forward.

4. Touching your chin or nose with your tongue


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Some people can touch their nose (I can, too!) with the tip of their tongue. This is known as the Gorlin sign.

5. Isolating your ring finger

Most people bend their ring finger when they move their middle finger or their pinky. However, some people can isolate their ring finger which is believed to be hereditary.

6. Sneezing with your eyes open

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You can sneeze with your eyes open, and it won’t cause your eyes to pop out.

7. Folding your tongue in half


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Folding your tongue in half is not something everyone can do. However, some people do other tricks as well.

8. Bending your thumb backward

A double-jointed thumb, also known as a “Hitchhiker’s Thumb” allows people to bend it backward.

9. Tickling yourself


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People with schizophrenic-like traits can tickle themselves due to their brains not understanding that the sensations are voluntary.

Can you do any of these? Do you make any other thing that is not so common? Tell us in the comments!

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