An Artist Illustrates the Fun and Challenging Side of Being a Mom

Being a mom is one of the most underrated jobs in the whole world. You don’t get to have a day-off. Every day is a challenging one to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. You don’t have the option to be tired because your family is rooting for you. You do not get to complain because only you can do the job right most of the time.

Sasha Sovetova, a Russian artist and a mom, illustrates her day to day encounters as a mom. She gets inspiration from her fun experiences. She proves that being a mom is not dull but full of fun and great moments.

Here at Viral Strange, we want to showcase an empowered woman who sees the bright side in whatever she does. We curated her fun works below, so enjoy!

1. The changes that your body go through during motherhood. 

comics about a mom comparing her weight before and after marriage
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

During your pre-marriage life, you tend to be very conscious of your body and all that. You want to look good all the time. But when motherhood hits, you no longer care about having a bomb body because you have better things to do. It is not that you are taking your body for granted but because you have better things to do. Also, eating has become your outlet for coping with stress. Most importantly, you don’t have any regrets about your body. You find fulfillment in being a mom, after all.

2. When your kids are growing up so fast.

comics of a mom being amazed at how fast her children are growing
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

One of the most fulfilling parts of being a mom is seeing your child grow. It feels great to see their progress, but you can’t help but be sad when they grow fast. They are not babies forever, so you have to accept the changes along the way. In the end, they are your babies until the end because you will never stop caring for them.

3. Calling your attention with almost everything.

comics about a mom talking to the phone and her kids are calling her name

© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

Being a mom means being an expert on everything because your children will ask for your help. You have to listen to their concerns carefully. You have to have ears that are always willing to listen. One of the best moments is getting to hear their dreams and plans for the future. It is fulfilling to see them carve their path. As a mom, you want nothing but success for them.

4. Cutting your hair short is fun.

comics of a woman cutting her hair short during marriage
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

Being a mom means having to do a lot of household chores. For you to have lesser times to fix yourself, cutting your hair short is the best idea. It is easier for you to comb your hair when it is short, and you will eventually look more youthful and vibrant.

5. You have embraced motherhood.

comics of a woman in her 30's being proud of her body
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

When you embraced everything about being a mom, it feels good because you don’t care about your imperfections. You embrace your excess fats, stretch marks, and all that. You don’t care what others will say. The only important thing for you is caring for your family endlessly and selflessly.

6. You have labels for everything.

 comics of man asking where his socks at
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

As a mom, you make it a habit to label the things around you because they will suddenly ask you about their stuff. You have to know everything inside the house because they will always ask for your help in looking for their things.

7. The gestures they do make your day.

comics of a child giving a drawing to her mom
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

Being a mom may be tiring at times, but the little gestures your children do always make you happy and grateful. They remember all the good things you have done for them. You feel special because they shower you with love and care too. One thing that makes being a mom priceless is they make you feel important with their journey.

8. When your child gets bored at home.

comics of a child telling her mom that she feels bored
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

When it is a holiday, and your child says that she wants to go out because she is bored, you go to the mall. Instead of getting some rest, you would then bring her somewhere, like treating her with food. You can’t complain because you want to unwind too.

9. The disaster when they eat by themselves.

 comics about kids being messy while eating alone
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

Moms are the best at making everything organized in the family. When she does things, it is always with love and care. She serves the best food. She always makes sure that only the best is for her kids.

10. The aftermath of a vacation.

comics about a mom's before and after vacation
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

Being a mom is not only doing the household chores. You have to find time for yourself too. You have to go on vacation to relax. You deserve to take a break after the hard work that you did for the family. It does not necessarily mean that you have to go on an expensive getaway. You have to go to a place close to your heart that will give you peace of mind.

11. When your kids do not want to go home.

comics of a mom dragging her kids because they do not want to go home
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

It is always a challenge for moms to stop their kids from playing and tell them they need to go home. Sometimes their patience is getting tested, especially if the kids throw tantrums around. It is always being firm for them but still showing love and care. Discipline is necessary, so they will know what is right from wrong.

12. The mess your husband makes when he cooks.

comics of a man cooking for his wife with messy background
© Sasha Sovetova ‏/ Instagram

You appreciate all the things your husband does for you. It feels great to see him making efforts for you. You feel special when he also does the household chores when you are taking a rest. You appreciate the love that he shows, except for the mess he does in the kitchen.

Our moms have too many responsibilities already, so we have to help them. They need someone who will ask them how their day went. They need people who will take care of them as well. They might be show toughness most of the time, but they feel lonely too.

Featured photo credit mamashalol / Instagram

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