Awful Designs Unfit for Daylight

Discover the most cringe-worthy and awful designs ever created. A collection of creations that should stay in the dark!

Awful designs, unlike creative and clever ones, exist all around us. Just because something can be made doesn’t mean it should.

Let’s explore some regrettable and awful designs we could’ve done without.

1. Prepare for your worst shower nightmares.

Awful Designs

2. The tailor took transparency to the extreme.

3. Even angels can have fun here.

Awful Designs

4. Someone was clearly in a hurry.

5. Seriously, why would anyone do this???

Awful Designs

6. Thanks, but no thanks!

7. What on earth…

Awful Designs

8. Hilarious!


9. Ladies, I’ve arrived!

Awful Designs

10. Is she bleeding? What’s happening?

11. What purpose does it serve?

Awful Designs

12. Well, that’s interesting…

13. Need a fun way to sleep?

Awful Designs

14. I sense trouble ahead…

15. Exercise your brain with this!

Awful Designs

16. Never deceive customers like this.

17. Saying Goodnight in code language.

Awful Designs

18. No, you’re mistaken.

19. Typical Type A personalities…

Awful Designs

20. I’ve never passed on something so quickly.

Awful Designs

21. WOW! It has it all.

Awful Designs

22. Cameras are strictly prohibited.

Do you find these awful designs horrible? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Dadadel

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Dadadel loves to smile and have a fine bottle of red wine. She is very keen on sarcasm and cats.

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