Best Positions To Sleep According To Science

Four sleeping positions that will have a good impact on your health

We all have that one favorite sleeping position! The one that makes us feel so comfortable that we think everything will be just fine. However, it can cause many health issues.

Viral Strange has listed 4 sleeping positions, showing which one is the most beneficial for your health and which one is not.

1. Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back might not be the best position. If you’re suffering from neck, and low back pain or you keep snoring, sleeping on your back can aggravate the condition. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women because it affects the blood flow.
However, if you suffer from neck pain, sleeping on your back will help to ease the aches.

2. Sleeping on your left side

Sleeping on your left side can be very beneficial to your health. It helps in back pain relief. Also, sleeping on your left side will help with digestion, bowels, and constipation relief.

3. Sleeping on your right side

The heart pumping out of your chest sensation can be related to your sleeping habits. Sleeping on your right side will be beneficial to heart-related issues.

4. Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach can reduce snoring. However, sleeping on your stomach can be bad for neck, back, and shoulder pain. It also can make your skin age faster.

Which is your favorite sleeping position? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Sleep on my back, though upper back & nape of upper neck are support by 3 – 4 pillows lifting me up, I don’t lie flat on my back it makes me feel extremely nauseous if my whole heads resting on pillows, only the upper nape of my neck rests on the pointed corners of pillows. My feet must be crushed stuffed between end of mattress & footboard wedged to keep them still, preventing anything touching them making them hot/overheat. My legs lie at different levels from each other, not flat but dangling off & over thin solid things, them elevated at different heights. Backs of ankles/heels/ lower backs of legs resting on the upturned leg of a stool, the other balanced perfectly on the thin but strong ledge lid of a cardboard box or back of chair. My feet must have something consistent I can press down/push down against to access pressure points. My head turns right, my ear remains uncovered.RL

  2. I was being tested for sleep apnea, and they found I don’t have that condition. If I slept on either side I was breathing fine. But if I slept on my back, I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. So, I sleep with a pillow to my back if sleeping on either side.

  3. Depends on how I’m feeling, I do all of them at different times on different nights, I neve go to sleep or wake in the same position.. I assumed everyone was like that till I read these comments, im quite shocked …

    • I used to sleep on my right side.with right hand under my head. I haven’t feel any backpain, no blood pressure no sugar and hearth issues. I am Muslim and Its the method told by my prophet Muhammd SAW.

  4. Sleeping with your arms curled under your face and elbows bent all night can compress the ulnar nerves in the elbows, resulting in painful neuropathy, numbness and tingling and eventually the loss of feeling except constant pain in the hands.