This Bikini Photo Sparked A Large Debate

A woman’s bikini photo starts a debate about body positivity

Body positivity is a topic that has gotten much attention these last few years. However, there is a large debate when it comes to people on social media. Viral Strange brings the story of Valentina, a woman who unwillingly started a ‘virtual war’ regarding body positivity.

Valentina is a girl that loves her body. She posts many outfits and swimsuits on her social media.

Instagram | @valaddall

One day, she decided to post a photo of herself in a blue bikini as a conversation starter for body positivity.

Many people supported her and started sharing their own photos in the thread.

Twitter | @spacebunqueen

However, not everyone took her message in the right way, or better said, what she wanted to deliver as a message. People started to point out that these kinds of threads began from bigger women on socials to change the public perception of body types.

This user below wrote that Valentina only comments on posts of women that have kind of the same body type as her.

Twitter | @HailsBailsss_

Then, the debate started between other users. Here’s a small one:

Twitter | @landonlee907

What’s your thought on this? Which idea do you support more? Do you think Valentina’s post promotes body positivity or vanity for the ‘ideal’ slim-fit body type? Let us know in the comments.

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