Teen Gets Back at Body Shaming with Bold Bikini Selfies

A teen defies critics by posting bikini selfies at 219 pounds, sparking a positive body image movement on Twitter.

A teen named Sara Petty confidently snapped selfies in a bikini and shared them on Twitter, expecting admiration. Instead, she faced criticism, with some suggesting she “shouldn’t be allowed” to wear such attire due to her size.


Recently graduated and enjoying her newfound independence, Sara Petty soon realized that adult life also comes with its share of drama. Her bikini selfie was intended to attract positive attention, but due to her size, it mostly drew negative comments.

Before posting her bikini photos, Sara noticed a trending topic on Twitter that troubled her. Discussions were rampant about what a “200-pound woman” should never wear, including bikinis. Many tweets suggested that such a sight was undesirable.


Weighing 219 pounds, Sara decided to take a stand. She shared a side-by-side image of her bikini selfie next to the critical tweets. This move garnered significant attention, inspiring her to extend her campaign against body shaming.

Sara didn’t stop at bikinis. She also donned crop tops, leggings, and booty shorts—attire deemed inappropriate for women over 200 pounds—and posted similar juxtaposed images. The overwhelmingly positive feedback she received was unexpected and heartening.


“It was kind of scary because I knew I could subject myself to a lot more body shaming and hate, but I knew there had to be some empowerment in being vulnerable and proving to myself that no one else’s opinion of my weight matters,” the teen said in an interview. She highlighted the stigma around the 200-pound mark, challenging the notion that weight dictates attractiveness.

Sara received her share of negative comments and crude remarks, but the positive responses outshone the negativity. Many girls shared that her posts inspired them to wear outfits they previously feared, boosting their confidence.


Although some outfits might be considered inappropriate for anyone in certain contexts, this teen wore them to make a powerful statement. She emphasized that making someone else feel unattractive does not enhance another’s beauty. Sara’s journey through social media’s harsh landscape showcases that confidence, not weight, defines true beauty.

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