Body Alerts For Possible Health Issues

Our body gives alerts when possible health issues are at bay. Learn how to understand the signs that should not be ignored.

Body alerts are more present when possible health issues are at bay. When ignored, these warnings may lead to more harmful health problems. Not all of them are a cause for concern. However, better be safe than sorry.

*This article is purely informational. You are advised to see a doctor for further medical professional advice.

1. Dandruff and hair loss

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When dandruff is paired with hair loss is a sign of vitamin and nutrient deficiency. The most common is the lack of zinc, iron, and vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B7.

2. Wrinkled hands

Wrinkles that appear from aging are normal. However, when your hands and fingers look more wrinkled and lose elasticity can mean dehydration, problems with the thyroid, or bad blood circulation.

3. White patches on the tongue

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The white patches on your tongue might appear because of poor oral hygiene. On the other hand, they might be a sign of oral thrush that people with diabetes often have.

4. Skin rashes

Skin rashes can appear for many reasons. One of them might be infections or touching certain plants. If they get infected can become dangerous for your health.

5. Swollen ankles

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Swollen ankles mean you consume too much salt. Also, they can be a sign of bad blood circulation or underactive thyroid glands.

6. Dry eyes

The burning sensation or inflammation of the eye means they are dry. It might be a sign of Sjogren’s syndrome, a disorder of the immune system, which also leads to a dry mouth.

7. Bloating

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Bloating might be a sign of food sensitivity. You might be allergic to some foods or intolerant, which makes your stomach expand because of the gas released.

8. Bruises


If you find unexpected bruises on your body, you might lack vitamins. Also, it can be a sign of blood clotting disease.

9. Constant thirst

body alerts

Being hydrated is important. However, anything too much is not good. Feeling always thirsty and having frequent urination might be a symptom of prediabetes.

10. Muscle twitches

Muscle twitching can happen during physical activities. However, it could mean stress, lack of sleep, kidney disease, or neurological disorder.

11. Snoring

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Sometimes chronic snoring can be a sign of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). You might need a medical device to breathe without problems during the night.

Are you aware of your body alerts? Do you check yourself up at the doctor’s office often? Tell us more in the comments.

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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    • Give your son more garlic , it will give a better blood streaming, feeling warm and will chase away the mosquitos, however garlic will give him a certain body odor

    • Take high doses of vitamin B Complex. You’ll find that mosquitoes don’t like the the smell emitted. We do this a week before camping. Upside; vitamin B complex is eliminated in your urine. So it is safe to take. We’ve never been bothered by mosquitoes when we take it Once our bodies become saturated with it. Vitamin B Complex is also good for stress.

    • My grand daughter ended up going to a dermatologist. It wasn’t regular acne. Once she got the medicine her acne went away and never came back. Unfortunately she didn’t get to the dermatologist until late in high school. She could have been a much happier kid had she gone sooner.

      • There is a medication for severe acne called Accutane. I believe they took it off the market, but it would clear your skin up immediately . The form sign , studies were done and stated it’s not for teens. Check with your pediatrician /dermatologist regarding the matter.

    • If he still has the problem check the places and pop some making sure they are acne and not puss pockets. Especially if nothing else is working. Acne has a core like harder bubble looking comes out when squeezed out. If is puss pockets get to dermatologist asap. Could be Hydronitus which is the reverse of the sweat glands. If he gets boil looking abscess under the arm and lower extremities, this is the problem and will probably have to be put on Humera weekly shots. (WARNING this medicine is very expensive $14,000 a shot, but contact the manufacturer Abbyvey [can’t spell] they will cover the total cost).
      Now this is a hidden massive problem if the same condition as the other but minus the absence of the boils. Especially if taking a seizure medication. Could be Steven Johnson Syndrome. It’s painful especi when showering dermatologist qickly and contact neneurologist major side effect