Cali Nate of Street Outlaws Dies in Car Crash

Cali Nate from Street Outlaws tragically dies in a car accident, confirmed by his devastated girlfriend. Learn more.

Cali Nate, also known as Nathan Schaldach, tragically passed away on Saturday, as confirmed by his devastated girlfriend. He gained fame for his appearance on the Discovery show Street Outlaws.

Cali Nate

In southwest Texas on Saturday night, tragedy struck as Cali Nate crashed his vehicle. His devastated girlfriend, Courtney Paulshock, took to Facebook to confirm the heartbreaking news.

Sharing a poignant trio of photos on Sunday, including a text exchange where Courtney expressed her anticipation for his return home, she captioned the post with raw emotion: “I will love you until the end of time… Someone, please wake me up from this nightmare…”

The post showcased two images depicting Cali Nate and Courtney, one capturing Cali holding onto Courtney’s leg affectionately, while the other was a shared selfie.

Image: Facebook

Courtney subsequently shared more insights, affirming Cali’s involvement in a race at Eagle Pass. She recounted that Cali Nate had a crash with the Z car and highlighted the unwavering support of Waylon and Garrett throughout the ordeal. Despite efforts, Cali couldn’t be saved by the hospital staff. Courtney found solace in the thought of Cali Nate reuniting with his late mother and sister, knowing it brought him joy. She found comfort in the fact that Cali departed while pursuing his passion.

Reflecting on their profound bond, Courtney expressed disbelief over the tragic turn of events, lamenting the shattered plans they had made together. She described Cali as her pillar of strength, her soulmate, and her entire universe. In a heartfelt tribute, she emphasized: “No amount of time would have been long enough. And I was truly BLESSED to know the kind of love that Nathan gave me and showed me on a daily basis.”

Cali Nate
Image: Facebook

She added, Anyone that was ever around us knows that we loved out LOUD. We couldn’t stay off of each other, we joked, we laughed, and we clicked in a way that I know I never will with anyone else. He healed me. I don’t know how I will do this without him.. frankly, I don’t want to.. but I know he’d be upset if I didn’t try.”

Cali Nate featured prominently in Season 4 of Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, where eight drag racing teams vie in a tournament for a $100,000 prize.

This spin-off of the original series, Street Outlaws, offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the world of street racers who willingly risk their lives for competition. In a poignant message, Courtney expressed, “As racers, and racers’ better halves, we know that risk every time they strap in.”

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