Christmas Spirit And Its Funny Side

Christmas spirit is high up in the sky during the whole month of December. However, there is a funny side to that!

Christmas spirit is high up in the sky during the whole month of December. However, there is a funny side to that!

Viral Strange has collected 16 pictures showing the funny side of the Christmas spirit that might make you laugh out loud, and with that, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

1. Merry Christmas or whatever.

Christmas spirit
© aesthel / Reddit

2. We don’t have a Christmas tree, so we used Danny DeVito instead

© panoparker / Reddit

3. Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly…

Christmas spirit
© scottzee / Reddit

4. Gingerbread Zoom call

© MagPie76 / Reddit

5. It’s been eleven years and this is still the best Christmas photo my family has ever taken

Christmas spirit
© Unknown author / Reddit

6. My 6-year-old got tattoo markers for Christmas and disappeared for half an hour. Bonus: we can’t get it to come off.

© stephicus / Reddit

7. What could possibly go wrong?

Christmas spirit
© andsuddenlywhoo / Reddit

8. My dad is an OB/GYN and was on-call for Christmas. This is how he went to round on patients this morning.

© GrapefruitSurprise / Imgur

9. They really had to ruin the Christmas photo

Christmas spirit
© ashostakovich / Reddit

10. Christmas 1999 I received my first bike. I was just a little surprised.

© JordanRu / Reddit

11. So apparently my 2-month-old son really likes Santa’s beard…

Christmas spirit
© WeightLiftingLulu / Reddit

12. Now we need new Christmas tree toys.

© toshels / Reddit

13. My daughter was not impressed with Santa.

Christmas spirit
© skerley1979 / Reddit

14. Dog and Grinch Santa

© JiuJitsuJedi / Reddit

15. It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I’m not leaving it up to chance.

Christmas spirit
© runeknight5 / Reddit

16. My mum always reminds me how I cried my eyes out the first time I saw Father Christmas. Took my daughter to visit him for the first time this week and she kept the tradition alive.

© henrysradiator / Reddit

Do you have any similar memories? Can you share them with us in the comments below?

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