Elon Musk: Neuralink’s First Patient Will Move a Mouse with Their Mind

Elon Musk reveals Neuralink’s groundbreaking achievement: the first patient will control a computer mouse with thoughts alone.

Elon Musk announced that Neuralink’s inaugural human recipient of a brain-chip implant can now control a computer mouse cursor using their mind alone.

He revealed that the patient had completely recovered following the implantation last month. The neurotech firm founder made these statements during an X Spaces event on Monday.

He said: “Progress is good, and the patient seems to have made a full recovery, with neural effects that we are aware of. The patient can move a mouse around the screen by just thinking.”

Musk stated that Neuralink aims to allow recipients to maneuver a mouse in different directions and maintain a pressed button. “We’re trying to get as many button presses as possible from thinking, so that’s what we’re currently working on,” he added.

Elon Musk announced in January that the Neuralink implant, dubbed Telepathy, allows users to control their devices simply “by thinking”. Initial recipients will be individuals “who have lost the use of their limbs.” The firm has stated that its implants can enable tasks through thoughts and may aid in treating various medical conditions.

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Last May, Neuralink received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to initiate human trials for its implant. Initially, the FDA had declined Neuralink’s request in March, as reported by Reuters, citing concerns such as potential chip overheating.

In November, Elon Musk unveiled Neuralink’s development of a “vision chip,” slated for completion “in a few years.” The company envisions restoring functions like vision, motor skills, and speech, aiming to broaden human experience. Although not yet approved for human trials, Neuralink remains focused.

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