Father With Down Syndrome Raises a Doctor

Against all odds, a father with Down Syndrome raises his child to become a doctor, proving that love can overcome any obstacle.

A father with Down syndrome defies misconceptions by not only having a child with his wife but also raising him to become a doctor. Although it’s commonly believed that people with Down syndrome cannot have children, women with Down syndrome can bear children, and in rare cases, men can become fathers too. Meet Jad Issa and his inspiring story.

Despite being a father with Down Syndrome, he showered his baby with an abundance of love.

Father With Down Syndrome
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Jad welcomed his son Sader into the family with love and care, just like any other parent would. Sader recalls feeling deeply cherished as a child, as his father would spend time playing games and bonding with him. The local community also accepted and supported the family.

He put in a lot of effort to ensure his son could fulfill his aspirations.

Father With Down Syndrome
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Jad’s father, who worked in a wheat mill, saved money for his son’s college tuition, determined to help him achieve his dreams. His hard work and dedication inspired Jad to study diligently and become a doctor.

Father With Down Syndrome
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“I think I would’ve been much less excited about life and much less passionate about what I do if I didn’t have my special father,” wrote Sader in a picture with his dad.

This father with Down Syndrome takes immense pride in his son who is a doctor.

Father With Down Syndrome
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As a dentist, Sader now has one of the most prestigious and lucrative careers in Syria, bringing immense joy to Jad. While his son was still studying, Jad would proudly introduce him to others by saying, “My son is a doctor,” with a glimmer in his eyes.

The family serves as a testament to the fact that stereotypes can be shattered.

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Sader shared that despite decades of being together, his parents still have a strong and loving relationship. They enjoy going on walks and chatting for hours. Sader credits his success to his father, who he is proud of, and the two enjoy watching movies together in their free time.

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