Gypsy Rose Blanchard left husband Ryan Anderson over food hoarding and snoring

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s separation from Ryan Anderson stemmed from several issues, one being his alleged habit of food hoarding.

According to a source close to Gypsy Rose speaking to TMZ, tension escalated when Ryan discovered she had cleared out their fridge, filled with old food items that needed disposal.

This discovery sparked a major fight, leaving Gypsy Rose shaken by the intensity of Ryan’s anger. The revelation of his hoarding behavior came after Gypsy Rose moved in with Ryan into their two-bedroom apartment following her release from prison.


For Gypsy Rose, the habit evoked memories of her late mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, adding emotional weight to the situation.

Another factor contributing to their separation was Ryan’s snoring. TMZ reports that Gypsy Rose confided in loved ones about Ryan’s snoring, describing him as a “human furnace” who runs hot at night, contrasting with her preference for a colder sleeping environment.

The couple had tied the knot in July 2022 while Gypsy Rose was serving her eight-year sentence at Chillicothe Correctional Center in Ohio for her involvement in plotting her mother’s killing.

She conspired with her then-boyfriend, Nicholas “Nick” Godejohn, to kill her mother in 2015, after enduring years of painful and unnecessary medical procedures orchestrated by her mother, who is believed to have suffered from Munchausen by proxy, a form of child abuse.

Gypsy Rose was granted parole and released from prison on December 28, 2023, embarking on a journey that has included navigating the complexities of her past, her relationships, and her newfound freedom.

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