Hairdresser Gives Free Hairpieces for Kids with Hair Loss

Discover how a generous hairdresser helps kids with hair loss by providing free hairpieces. Support their heartwarming initiative today!

A hairdresser has become a hero for many by dedicating his time to helping build up the confidence of children affected by hair loss. Applying hair prostheses on children entirely for free, his emotional transformations are soaring higher than ever, spurred on by social media.

Francisco Oliveira initially began by transforming men’s appearances.

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Francisco Oliveira’s barbershop in São Paulo, Brazil, gained viral attention on social media when he started sharing videos of him applying hair prosthetics to men dealing with hair loss. These clips, frequently posted on TikTok and Instagram, showcase his skill in giving balding men the appearance of natural hair. Within hours, his clients undergo remarkable transformations from bald or thinning hair to a modern hairstyle.

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With over five years of experience and more than 3,000 successful hair prosthetic applications, Francisco focused on addressing self-esteem issues early in his career. While working with children wasn’t part of his initial plans, the growing reach of his transformations online led to requests for assistance from a broader audience.

The kids’ project commenced when a mother sought his assistance.

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Juliana Cerqueira, mother of a young boy, approached Francisco with the story of her son, João, who endured severe burns in a house fire at age two. After undergoing 18 surgeries, nine-year-old João was left with scant hair due to his injuries. Touched by his plight, Francisco resolved to leverage his skills to aid him. Despite the challenge, Francisco fitted João with a hair prosthesis, crafting a natural appearance that brought immense joy to João’s face.

Regrettably, João’s skin didn’t adapt to the prosthesis, necessitating its removal. Despite this setback, João’s experience catalyzed the opening of the barbershop to other children, prompting Francisco to establish a project in his honor — Projeto João Taboão. The project’s objective is to bolster children’s confidence by furnishing them with free hairpieces.

Children travel from all corners of the country just to receive a hairpiece.

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After hearing João’s story and his positive experience with the hairdresser, another mother, Luciana Rafaela de Lima, sought out Francisco’s services for her son, Lorenzo. At three months old, Lorenzo was injured in an accidental fire, losing three fingers on his left hand and requiring reconstructive surgeries on his face and head. Devastated by her son’s permanent hair loss, Luciana worried about its impact as he grew older.

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Moved by the situation, Francisco eagerly volunteered to craft a natural look for Lorenzo. With the unwavering support of her family and husband, Luciana made the journey of over 3,000 km (nearly 2,000 miles) to the barbershop. The outcome was truly heartening; Luciana described the moment as beautiful, and Lorenzo, who had started the day with a solemn expression, now gazed at himself in the mirror with a bright smile.

The generous hairdresser instructs parents on maintaining the hairpieces.

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Using ultra-thin silicone bases with human hair strands imported from China, Francisco crafts prostheses that offer a natural appearance. Attached with double-sided adhesive tape, they provide a secure fit. Despite its innovation, this method presents challenges.

Every 15 days, clients must perform maintenance on the hair prostheses, involving removal, cleaning, and reapplication of adhesive tape. For distant clients, Francisco’s team educates both children and mothers on home maintenance, providing kits and instructional videos.

The project, aiding children across Brazil, involves a team of six, including four barbers specializing in male hair prostheses. This comprehensive approach ensures consistent care and support for the children involved.

He aims to continue advancing the project.

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Projecto João Taboão initially arose to give Francisco’s expanding company a greater purpose. However, it has since transformed into a mission to support children experiencing hair loss for various reasons.

Motivated by gratitude for his business achievements, Francisco seizes every opportunity to give back to the community. As of January 2024, the project now aids more children than ever before, covering all expenses, including travel, for those from various states in the country.

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The hairdresser finds the greatest fulfillment in the hair prosthesis project by witnessing the happiness of the children receiving the prostheses. He treasures the smiles on their faces and the emotional responses of the parents. Among the many unique cases, one boy named João, who had been injured in a Pitbull attack, stands out vividly in Francisco’s memory. Despite his ordeal, João left the salon dancing, leaving a lasting impression on Francisco.

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