Health officials: No such thing as “Long Covid”

Health researchers in Australia have found that the lingering after-effects of COVID-19, known as “Long COVID,” are similar to those of other common viruses such as the flu.

Health researchers in Australia have conducted a study revealing that the persistent effects of COVID-19, commonly referred to as “Long COVID,” share similarities with those experienced after contracting other common viral infections such as influenza.

Dr. John Gerrard, Queensland’s chief health officer, has advocated for discontinuing the use of the term “Long COVID,” arguing that its continued usage may instill unnecessary fear among patients and potentially impede their recovery process.


Gerrard elaborated on this point in an interview with 9News Australia, stating, “We believe it is time to stop using terms like ‘Long COVID.’ They wrongly imply there is something unique and exceptional about longer-term symptoms associated with this virus.

This terminology can cause unnecessary fear, and in some cases, hyper vigilance to longer symptoms that can impede recovery.”


Contrary to popular belief, the study’s findings indicate that individuals who have contracted COVID-19 are not more predisposed to experiencing lingering symptoms compared to those who have tested positive for other viral illnesses.

Furthermore, the symptoms associated with “Long COVID” closely resemble those commonly associated with the seasonal flu, suggesting a shared pattern of post-infection effects across various respiratory viruses.


The comprehensive report detailing the effects of “Long COVID” is scheduled to be presented at the upcoming European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Barcelona next month.

This presentation aims to shed further light on the nuanced similarities between the lingering effects of COVID-19 and those of other viral infections, providing valuable insights for healthcare professionals and researchers worldwide.

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