Honey bees ejaculate themselves to death

Male worker bees subjected to extreme heat can ejaculate their abdomen-sized penis-equivalent and die from the shock, showcasing a peculiar and bizarre phenomenon in bee behavior.

Recent studies have unveiled a rather peculiar phenomenon among male worker bees: under extreme heat conditions, they have the astonishing ability to ejaculate themselves to death.

When exposed to exceedingly high temperatures, these bees undergo convulsions that compel them to forcefully eject their abdomen-sized equivalent of a penis, ultimately succumbing to the shock and perishing.


To an observer, it might appear as though the bee spontaneously exploded, yet emerging research has shed light on the underlying sexual nature of this final act.


Male bees typically strive to maintain a body temperature of 35°C, but if temperatures surpass this threshold, their demise could occur within a mere six hours. It’s undeniably a bizarre and intriguing way for these bees to meet their end.

Written by Telha

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