Study: Bisexual and lesbian women die younger

Bisexual and lesbian women face a troubling reality as research suggests they experience shorter lifespans compared to heterosexual women.

A study conducted by the Pilgrim Health Care Institute revealed alarming statistics: bisexual women tend to die 37% younger than their heterosexual counterparts, while lesbian women face a 20% shorter lifespan. Scientists attribute these disparities to the pervasive social stigmas surrounding their sexual orientation.


Sarah McKetta, the lead author and Research Fellow at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, emphasized the urgent need to address the preventable causes of these disparities, particularly in light of the increasingly hostile policy climate towards LGBTQ individuals in the US.

McKetta underscored the unique forms of stigma, prejudice, and discrimination faced by LGBTQ people, which deeply impact their health outcomes.


McKetta explained that these toxic social forces lead to chronic stress and unhealthy coping mechanisms among LGBTQ individuals, making them vulnerable to worse health and premature mortality.

The study’s authors highlighted that bisexual women often feel ostracized by both the heterosexual and LGBTQ communities, exacerbating their challenges.


The study also found that women subjected to societal pressures and chronic stress were more prone to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms, ultimately contributing to a shorter lifespan. This research sheds light on the critical need for addressing systemic inequalities and supporting the health and well-being of LGBTQ individuals.

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