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How Fast Our Body Digest Different Foods

How our digestive system digests different kind of foods for different periods of time.

The process of digestion in losing weight is very important because as we know, our health depends on what we eat. It is important to know that precise digestion time depends on many factors like general physical health, your metabolism or age, and even gender because women tend to have a slower metabolism than men, but also depends on the kind of foods we are eating because some may digest faster than others.

We at Viral Strange made an article to inform you about the processing time our digestive system needs for different kinds of foods.

Slow-Digestive Food

Eating only slow digestive food will keep your blood sugar pressure slow and this will make you have a more balanced energy level, but only by doing this, you may risk your digestive system overwork because it takes a greater time for it to digest that kind of food. Also, different researchers suggest that you should not eat both fast and slow digestive foods at the same time because it will overload your digestive system, always give your digestive system time when you already have eaten slow foods before going for fast ones.

To keep a balanced diet try to eat fast digestive foods in the morning because you need that kind of energy fast to start the day and the best time to eat slow processing foods is at lunch because the body has the right time to digest it, also keep in mind to eat simple and fast-digesting food at night to let your body rest.

Fast-Digesting Food

Fast-digestive foods will raise the glucose levels in your blood very fast and this will make you have a rapid energy boost, but be aware that this energy is fast depleted as a result you will feel angry again and again in a short period of time, don’t fall for it because this will make you eat always more and more and you may risk gaining extra weight. Keep in mind to have a balanced diet anytime.

1. Raw Vegetables take approximately 30-40 minutes to be digested.

2. Water enters your intestines immediately.

3. Fruit or Vegetable juice take approximately 15-20 minutes to be digested

4. Fish take approximately 45-60 minutes to be digested

5. Salad with oil takes approximately 1 hour to be digested

6. Starch vegetables take approximately 1.5-2 hours to be digested.


7. Grains ( rice, buckwheat, quinoa ) take approximately 2 hours to be digested.

8. Dairy foods take approximately 2 hours to be digested.

9. Nuts take approximately 3 hours to be digested.

10. Chicken takes approximately 1.5-2 hours to be digested

11. Beef takes approximately 3 hours to be digested.

12. Lamb takes approximately 4 hours to be digested.

13. Pork takes approximately 5 hours to be digested.

14. Cooked vegetables take approximately 40 minutes to be digested.

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