Kourtney Kardashian comes out as “autosexual”

Kourtney Kardashian has been competing with Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP market through her website POOSH.

The 41-year-old celebrity often shares provocative images online, attracting attention while addressing sensitive topics. This weekend, the mother-of-three delved into the subject of ‘autosexuality’ with a new article on her platform.

The article pondered, ‘Are you autosexual?’ and provided the answer: ‘The short answer is yes, most likely. In fact, we all are, at least a little.’

Casey Tanner, therapist, writer, and founder of QueerSexTherapy, contributed to the discussion, defining autosexuality as ‘a trait wherein one is turned on by engaging in their own eroticism.’ While this concept is commonly associated with women, it extends beyond gender and encompasses activities such as masturbation and self-appreciation.

Tanner explained that autosexuality exists on a spectrum, with many individuals incorporating it into their broader sexual experiences. For example, actions like wearing sexy lingerie or indulging in self-care rituals can enhance one’s sense of eroticism and self-connection.

In essence, autosexuality involves finding arousal and satisfaction through self-affirmation and appreciation, irrespective of external validation.

Written by Telha

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