Man Ends 20 Years of Marriage After Discovering His Wife’s Secret

Cheating, fueled by factors like unrealistic expectations or declining love, is a common cause of marital breakdown. A man, discovering a significant secret from his wife’s past after two decades of seemingly happy marriage, grapples with forgiveness.

A 43-year-old man sought support on Reddit after realizing his 20-year marriage to his 44-year-old wife was not what he thought. They began dating in high school, navigating a long-distance relationship during her initial college years.

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After a year at community college, they spent an additional year together before marrying post the man’s college graduation. Despite believing their marriage was fulfilling, he recently decided to initiate divorce proceedings due to the painful revelation that his wife had been unfaithful during a specific period.

The revelation unfolded at a dinner just after Christmas with friends from her college years. His wife casually mentioned their high school meeting, triggering an uncomfortable moment when her old roommate hinted at a wild college history.

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Sensing something amiss, the man corrected the story, revealing they had been dating throughout her college years. Awkwardness ensued, and one of her roommates advised an honest conversation.

Upon confronting his wife, she initially dismissed the importance of the issue. Frustrated, the man decided to stay at his brother’s house until she was ready to talk. The next day, his wife admitted to cheating during her first two college years, citing the long-distance nature and doubts about their high school romance’s sustainability.

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Shockingly, she revealed involvement with at least 10 different men, including friends introduced to the husband and one still in contact. Devastated, the man promptly decided to initiate divorce proceedings, planning to commence paperwork at the earliest opportunity.

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