20 Times People Transformed Their Lives 180 Degrees

People who transformed their lives and hit a reset button

Sometimes, doing that thing we are most scared of is the start of a beautiful journey of life transformation. Scientists say that people can make many changes at once, no matter what you have your focus on.

Viral Strange has collected 20 pictures of people who decided to transform their lives 180 degrees for a better self.

1. I finally made it

© rxchelskywalker / Reddit

2. From detached and depressed to having hope and happiness. Mtf 23 months hrt. Transition after 30

© no-tears-left / Reddit

3. Transformation Tuesday – The Wedding Edition!

© caralynnmoccia / Reddit

4. 20 days post-op bilateral TMJ replacement and upper jaw surgery Lefort type 1

© ZeMeest / Reddit

5. Actually below 300 this morning for the first time in years!

© vsg_bfd420 / Reddit

6. Same dress, but I feel like a completely different girl.

© Wondermyne / Reddit

7. I finally got my dream job as a Park Ranger in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska! The karmic gods must have made a clerical error.

© millre01 / Reddit

8. My friend adopted a shelter dog when during a dark time in his life. I wonder who saved who.

© VelveetaCheetah / reddit

9. 23 vs.33, from 270-180lbs

© Incuboy1522 / Reddit

10. Weightlifting changed my life

© Philthyfresh / Imgur

11. My friend adopting his first dog. He’s a 3-month-old mastiff

© unknown / Imgur

13. It’s been about four years since I gave up floorball due to illness in my feet. This weekend I played again for the first time as a double amputee. I even used my own personalized wheelchair!

© benhundben / Reddit

14. I’ve been having a hard time bonding with and getting my daughter to smile lately. So I finally agreed to let her give me a makeover, and her smile says it all.

© whatagirlygirl / Reddit

15. After 6 years, my wife is finally a citizen. She went straight from the court to the clerk to vote!

© ClimbAndMaintain0116 / Reddit

16. First generation college student, and I just finished my Master’s! My new job starts in January.

© Loverfli / Reddit

17. My life changed in four minutes, but that’s ok

© RaxonRaxonRax / Reddit

18. After a lengthy unexpected stay in the hospital, I decided to change my life.

© BigBenHH / Reddit

19. I moved to Sacramento and wanted to meet new people, so here’s me and the 8 strangers I met from Reddit – we cleaned 20+ bags of trash from American River Parkway in Sacramento!

© unknown / Reddit

20. 46kg (101lbs) down in 2 years doing OMAD – plateaued and needing advice/inspo to shed the next 10kgs

© EsikaDesu / Reddit

Do you think it needs great courage to take the first step into transforming your life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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