Man flew from London to New York without a ticket or passport

Craig Sturt, 46, breached Heathrow security, flew to JFK without a ticket, faced charges, pled guilty, missed sentencing, prompting a warrant, and was reported missing, revealing a security lapse.

Craig Sturt, aged 46, made headlines after successfully evading all security measures and passport checks at Heathrow Airport, a feat that allowed him to board a British Airways flight bound for JFK airport before Christmas, despite not possessing a ticket.


Upon his arrival in the United States, Sturt was promptly detained and deported back to the UK, where he faced charges for his unauthorized entry into Terminal 5 and subsequent boarding of a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner flight.


Despite pleading guilty to the charges, Sturt failed to appear for his scheduled sentencing in January, resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest. His disappearance was reported on January 25, prompting the Metropolitan Police to take over the investigation.


This incident, which was flagged on December 24, 2023, underscored a major security lapse at Heathrow Airport, sparking concerns and further scrutiny regarding airport security protocols.

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