Mary Ann Bevan, the Story of the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’

Discover the tragic yet inspiring story of Mary Ann Bevan, who used her unique appearance to provide for her family.

Mary Ann Bevan, born Mary Ann Webber on December 20, 1874, grew up in Plaistow, London. Initially, she led a fulfilling life, working as a nurse and marrying Thomas Bevan in 1903. However, her life took a drastic turn when Thomas passed away in 1914, leaving her to raise their four children alone.

Mary Ann
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Shortly after her husband’s death, Mary Ann developed Acromegaly, a condition caused by excessive growth hormone production that leads to the enlargement of bones. This condition transformed her appearance significantly, making her the subject of cruel remarks and social isolation.

Despite her hardships, Mary Ann’s resilience shone through. To support her family, she entered and won a “Homeliest Woman” contest, which led to a career in sideshow entertainment. She gained international fame by performing with Barnum and Bailey’s Circus and at Dreamland Amusement Park in Coney Island.


Mary Ann used her earnings to ensure her children’s education and provide a stable home. Her story is a testament to her strength and ingenuity, as she turned her misfortune into an opportunity to secure her family’s future.


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In 1929, Mary Ann performed at Madison Square Garden and found love with a giraffe keeper named Andrew. Sadly, her condition eventually led to her untimely death on December 26, 1933, just after her 59th birthday.

Her legacy is one of perseverance and maternal dedication, reminding us of the incredible lengths a mother will go to for her children. Her story, once hidden, now serves as an inspiration to many, highlighting her courage and unwavering spirit.

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