Solid black dog turns completely white due to genetic condition

Vitiligo, the condition famously associated with Michael Jackson, manifests as pale white patches on human skin. However, as one dog owner can attest, this rare disorder also affects animals.

Buster, a charming four-year-old dog from Oklahoma, has undergone a remarkable transformation from black to completely white due to his vitiligo.

Photos shared on Reddit depict Buster’s astonishing color-changing journey over the span of two and a half years. Vitiligo, a condition that destroys pigment cells in certain areas of the body, affects fur and hair as well as skin.

While the exact cause of vitiligo remains unclear, it is believed to occur when something disrupts the cells responsible for producing melanin, the substance that gives skin and hair its color.

The viral story began when Matt Smith, also known as TallyMatty, Buster’s owner based in Oklahoma City, shared the photos on Reddit. “My boy Buster (4yo) has completely changed from black to white over the course of the last 2.5 years,” Matt explained. “Buster has the skin condition vitiligo – it causes depigmentation of the skin (and fur).”

Reddit users responded with astonishment, many drawing parallels to Michael Jackson, the world’s most famous vitiligo sufferer. One user commented, “Wow! This is the most fascinating thing I’ve seen on Reddit in ages. I was sure this was going to be fake until I scrolled through.”

Another remarked, “If you hadn’t shown the transition, I never would have believed it.” Yet another simply quipped, “I’m barking at the dog in the mirror.”

The owner shared multiple snapshots documenting Buster’s remarkable transformation from the beginning of his journey.

Written by Telha

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