Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina Get Married

Two beautiful miss who were supposed to be rivals fall in love, keep their relationship a secret, and ended up getting married.

Miss Puerto Rico and miss Argentina are officially married! The two beautiful girls who were supposed to be rivals fell in love with each other. They kept their love story a secret and are happily married.

Both represented their respective countries in a beauty pageant contest.

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Mariana Varela got elected as Miss Argentina in 2020. She has completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Also, she is enrolled as a professional model.

Internet tried to criticize her for an undeserving title but she said: “Regardless of all criticism, it is necessary to not lose focus on how much we are worth.”

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Fabiola Valentín, too, got elected as Miss Puerto Rico in 2020. She was a journalism student at the time. She said: “Happy to know how far this journey has taken her.”

The married couple met at Miss Grand International 2020.

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Miss Grand International 2020 was held in March 2021. They both were determined to take a high place and made it to the top 10.

The contest was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The couple got close as they posted a picture together after a month with a caption: “I miss u.”

Miss Puerto Rico and miss Argentina were secretly dating.

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They were secretly dating, even though they posted pictures from joint vacations. Miss Puerto Rico wrote in one of the pics: “One of the greatest gifts in this experience was your friendship.” They kept posting photos and videos of video-calling each other with tears in their eyes.

They announced their marriage in late October.

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They announced their marriage with a cute video of their moments together while dating each other. They shared videos from their vacations in Puerto Rico and Mexico, a video from their engagement, and a photo from the wedding.

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They wrote: “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we open our doors to you on a special day.”

The couple got many positive reactions from people following them. One wrote to them: “MGI brought together a beautiful union.”

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