Mysterious Crescent Shape in Kitchen Wall: What Is It?

Uncover the mysterious crescent shape in a kitchen wall. Delve into its origins and significance to solve the puzzling riddle!

A mysterious crescent shape has appeared on the kitchen wall of someone, prompting curiosity and speculation. As homeowners and enthusiasts alike ponder its origin and significance, the intrigue deepens. Join us as we delve into the enigma and uncover the secrets behind this peculiar phenomenon.

Someone asked: Found in a home. First floor, located in a room off a kitchen. About 6 feet off the ground and the crescent shape is open into the wall. We were looking around the house to find all the outlets and found this in a room connected to the kitchen. We think it’s for wiring behind the wall but seems weird based on the location.”

People started giving their opinions about the mysterious crescent shape.

Mysterious Crescent Shape
bl00dtyrant / Reddit

This is for wiring for something wall-mounted. Generally placed behind wall-mounted TVs. The slot is for your data coax cable pull, auxiliary audio, or whatever.

It’s for wiring behind the wall. There should be something similar below it at normal outlet height. You’re supposed to mount a TV over the upper outlet and run the wiring through the wall to hide it.

bl00dtyrant / Reddit

That is for running data or cable TV or satellite hookup wires. So you would have a tv plugged into the outlet, and then the cable connecting it to your media provider runs through the gap. Also, cables to your sound system, DVD player, game console, etc. can run through.

Usually for a wall mount TV route the cables so you don’t see them 6 ft off the ground.

Have similar. There is a hall closet on the other side. Looks like the PO had a cable box in there.

For behind wall wires. A lot of people like a kitchen TV, and looks a lot better than a PVC pipe sticking out of the wall.

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